These are some extended comments and stories from Life Coaching clients, attendees of Seminars and Talks, students and friends through personal correspondence.

I thank you all so very much.

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Hi Jack,

I want to thank you so much for encouraging me to see a counselor. I haven’t felt this clear, and happy in months. I’m learning a lot about myself, and I don’t feel so stuck and alone. Thank you for seeing the warning signs, and offering your help.

In the intake session my counselor told me that I have PTSD, which came as quite a shock. I thought only soldiers, and people under life or death situations had that. Little did I know, that a flight or fight response can cause the same state.

It was really scary going through the intake questionnaire in the first session, and being confronted with symptoms that I hadn’t discussed with anyone; seeing shadows in the corner of my eye, hearing whispers, and of course the random bursts of sobbing, as you saw, which I now know are caused by small memories of the past months.

But, now I’m working on ways to cope with those symptoms.

Without you telling me I needed to go, I wouldn’t have. I thought what I was going through was normal. Going on as I was, my mental state could have grown really serious, and even landed me in the hospital, but you helped prevent that.

Thank you so much,

~ Caroline

(And a comment from Mom:)

My daughter is a student at CSU Fullerton. You saw her crying in class last week and urged her to see a counselor at the Health Center ASAP.

I am so thankful for your actions.

THANK YOU, Jack, for caring and for positively impacting my daughter’s life. She is starting her healing process now as opposed to later.

Best regards,

~ Susan


Thank you for such an enjoyable semester. I learned so much in your class, but I learned even more in your office hours. Thank you for helping me during one of the toughest times in my life. Thank you for not only being a teacher, but a friend.

Again, thank you for giving me hope.


~ Jess

(And in a more recent correspondence)

Hello Jack!

Happy New Year!

I can still remember how I felt on the very first day of class with you, and how much that feeling changed after you oh-so-quickly adjusted the mood. I’ll try not to get all mushy on you, but I just wanted to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. My dad and I have read your book, and my mom is going to start reading it next. Oddly enough, I think my mom even follows you on Instagram! [@jackupyourlife]

I remember crying in your office, I remember talking about things that I only talked with a select few about, I remember being scared and hurt and unstable and broken . . . and I also remember how much you helped change all of that. I didn’t realize it at the time, but you most definitely contributed to saving my life. Yes, I received a lot of help from different doctors and loved ones, but your honest and caring words of encouragement truly stuck with me and I will never be able to justly repay you for that.

When you post words of encouragement, my mom always asks me, “Did you Jack Up Your Life today?”

Just know that those posts mean A LOT. Not only to me, but to my family as well.

You have most definitely impacted my life, and I know you impact those who read your book and are in your classroom.

I may not be your student anymore, but I continue to learn from you.

Thank you, Jack.


~ Jess

(A comment from Dad)

Jack Mierop –

Thanks for being such a positive person in my daughter’s life!

~ Steven



I just wanted to inform you that it took approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes after leaving your class for the last time for it to dawn on me that it was actually over. Furthermore, it should be noted that in this said moment of realization, I cried.

Thank you so much for a semester of learning that I will never forget, and that I’ll relive forever through the stories about the class that I share with those around me.

I can’t thank God enough, or the CSUF course registration portal gods enough, or whoever/whatever it was that led me to sign up for the certain Communications class that I ended up in. I’m forever grateful, for fate perhaps, because I truly believe that what you taught me has set me up for a lifetime of success and happiness beyond the walls of College Park 124.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and I wish you the very best in your last 1&1/2 years of teaching that remain. The students that you will teach in this last chapter have no idea yet how blessed they are.

Warm Regards,

~ Mallory

(And in a more recent correspondence)

Miss You!

Hey Jack,

I hope this semester is treating you well… but I mean, it can only be so good if I’m not in any of your classes. Jokes aside, I hope you enjoy the classes you teach and the students you get to work with.

Thank you (yet again) for being the greatest professor a first year student could ask for. I’ll always miss your class, but this semester is full of new challenges and opportunities that I’m looking forward to—including 3 courses for my major.

Without having gone through your class during my first semester, I truly believe that I’d be approaching these more difficult, new courses with a spirit of fear. However, my life got “JackedUp” in the best way possible at just the right time; I am now heading into these challenging courses with a confidence in my ability to work hard and persevere.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop thanking you for the indescribable impact you had on my life. Please never forget how cool you are and how many lives you’ve changed.


~ Mallory


Hello professor Jack,

I wanted to fill you in after our talk. That night was extremely emotionally for me, our talk and the class after. And I felt that it was very emotional for you as well. The emotion stuck by me the whole week and it felt like the scar I embedded in me floated to the surface. But I know this is just a healing process for me to get by.

Long story short, with your support, I was able to talk to my mom about our past and cleared up the misunderstanding we had and is looking forward to a therapy.

I really can’t thank you enough for being there for me and making me feel comfortable to be able to open up to you and the people around me. I really can’t remember the last time I felt comfortable in a classroom. I know this is just the beginning and I still have a lot to work on but thank you for giving me the courage that I can get through this. I hope you know that you really are the best professor and that you are greatly appreciated. You made me feel very special and cared for the moment I walked into the classroom and I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way. I really enjoy attending your lecture and want to absorb your teaching into my perspective.


~ Jessie


I dealt with a woman with extreme road rage this morning . . . she even flipped me off (yes, with BOTH fingers) just because I allowed a car to merge in front of me! She proceeded to honk at me while waiting for a red light.

All I could think of in that moment was one of your many lessons . . . I smiled at her because I figured that maybe she just wasn’t having a good morning. Anyway, the point of me sharing this with you is to THANK YOU for teaching me a valuable lesson in seeing others’ perspective and not making assumptions.

I chose not to react to her negative behavior because it would’ve just made me angry. Her morning may be full of rage, but mine will NOT be ruined!

Positive thinking always wins!

Thanks Jack have a beautiful day!

~ Jessica

Hi Jack,

Thank you so much for getting back to me and understanding about me not getting in contact with you until now. I’m so glad that it’s perfect timing! I love when stuff like that happens. 🙂

Your message that day really spoke to me on many different levels. I just loved how you broke down the power of choice so much, not only pointing out how to do it, but that when we do it the many benefits we reap . . .

I also loved how you pointed out how important it is that we look to our greatness instead of our weaknesses . . . (I am very hard on myself usually and so it was nice to hear how you spoke about it). And your point about celebrating the unique individual we and others are was really great.

I really like your approach of making what you speak about fun. You are very inviting when you speak and make what you are talking about very easy to understand. To me taking responsibility in this life is so vital to living a good life it helps us remember that we can always choose to enjoy our time on this planet no matter what is going on. It’s a matter of perspective, which sometimes can be hard to remember that we in fact have control over.

I’ve been through a lot in my life, which has made me mature faster and see life through different eyes than my peers. So anything that has to do with personal empowerment, the laws of attraction/the universe, spirituality, I LOVE and really understand.

Thank you again for getting back to me and for taking the time . . .

I hope you are well.

~ Gina


Just wanted to take the time to send you this VERY informal/friendly email to keep in contact with the most dynamic muthafkr out there and I just really wanna share with you what I’ve been going through lately. You’re probably wondering who I am. Haha. My name is Jen. I took your class fall 2015. Thursday night. Some of my classmates were Heinz 87, Jerry (white guy), and the really tall, cool, shy guy that attended “Mani/Pedi with Jack” and got a bleeding toe. Lol. Oh! And Season!! I have braces. Sometimes wore my glasses and you would sometimes admire that I was always smiling. I would sit toward the front to your left. Hopefully you get the picture now.

I really enjoyed your class and I have learned valuable life long lessons. After and during the semester I felt like a new person. I am so much happier everywhere and my self-esteem has increased so much.

Here’s what I wanted to share with you . . . I’ve been having a really rough time with the inner me. I’ve been feeling so sad, depressed, and tired (everything is a drag) and TODAY I JUST realized its because I’ve been pointing the bad in things and not the good. I’ve been concentrating on all the negative events that are surrounding me and I now realize that I’m giving them way too much attention and it has really been bringing me down.

Honestly I feel like I haven’t been myself lately. I use to be such a happy person and smile through any problem. And so motivated!! I feel like I have lost those aspects. I’ve been feeling so much weight on my back because I have so much responsibility over my siblings, family problems, school, I detest my first job, other friend problems, etc.. I now realize that I have to keep doing what I use to do a few months ago which is:

“Ignore everything\anything/anyone that will hurt/affect me and just concentrate on improving whether it’s as a friend/employee/student/etc, to confront my problems but don’t let them bring me down and also to drop anything/anyone that does not make my happy”

(You delivered this message in one of your Lectures, maybe in not these exact same words but same concept)

And now you’re probably wondering why I wanted to share this with you.

Well, for a couple of months now I’ve been searching for a solution to find happiness and motivation and I’ve wondered what in my life has changed that has me feeling so depressed. And now I know why. Like I said earlier, I’ve been focusing on all of my problems and negativity that surrounds me. And I’ve been chasing people that make me feel low about myself. Now I want to tell you what has brought me back on my feet.


I CANNOT express how thankful I am that someone like you exists in this universe. I clearly remember that day when you delivered that message that I mentioned above because I started thinking about all the things and people that I would give way too much attention but they never appreciated me. After that day my days changed. I guess I just forgot to continue to do that. Today was such a wonderful day because I felt like a new, happier person. I’m back on my feet. I feel motivated and I’m tired of focusing on the bullshit.

You are one of a kind and stupendous at what you do!! I really miss your class and I’ve been wanting to attend “Dinner with Jack” but I’m always working. I received the email you sent out and I’m sooooo happy for you. I am scheduled for work this upcoming dinner but I will try to attend anyways because I would like to thank you personally and spend some quality time with everyone. Thank you so much for being the person you are. I wish there were more people like you in this world. (More dynamic muthafkrs) Your words have really changed my life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this essay (lol) hopefully I didn’t bore you. I know it’s repetitive but just wanted to get the message out there.

I hope everything continues to go great for you.

~ Jen (with a great, hugs smile!!)

Hello Jack,

Okay, so I wanted to take the time to thank you for listening to me yesterday. You really put things into perspective and helped me realize where I went wrong as well. I felt like I was losing it and after yesterday’s talk I feel stronger in that I could do this.

I purchased your book last night and I am already halfway through it. I am sure I will be rereading that quite a few times. It’s great! I wrote a script that I wrote out and when I feel that doubt creeping in I repeat it to myself and it has helped out today.

Once again thank you for your words and for the time you took to listen to me. I will forever appreciate it. I have always been too scared to ask for help or to reach out to people and this was a huge step for me.

It definitely has helped me see things differently. I have strong moments and I allow myself to cry as well. I’m keeping faith that it gets easier.

~ Raquel

I hardly ever post about the details of myself, but I just wanted to say that I used to be one of the saddest people I knew, and now I feel happy all the time.

I’ve had a few setbacks, but I never gave up and all aspects of my life have improved. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I have to say my positive attitude has been inspired by @jackupyourlife.

Although I haven’t talked to you since last semester, your life lessons never failed me. I think I stand for all your students when I say that!

My life has continued to turn around ever since and I want to thank you for helping me learn to accept myself and all the things that come with living my life unashamedly.

~ Alex

Jack, thank you so much.

I talked to my sister tonight. I used the steps you taught in class and I told her how much I loved her. I told her about the behaviors I’ve observed and that if that were ever the case then it wouldn’t matter to me. I told her how nothing she will ever say or do will ever make me love her any less. I told her that I hope she gives me the chance to earn her trust so I can be more than just a sister to her but a friend, a person she can talk to about anything and not feel judged, a safe place she can always go to.

The look on her face was like she just dropped a thousand pounds off her back and off her heart. She started crying and thanking me and telling me how much she never thought she needed that. She said she doesn’t like girls but she’s thought about how she could possibly like girls and how she can be attracted to some and how shunned she feels by both friends and family.

You helped me open that door for me to be what my sister really needs and not what I think she needs. In turn I think a door has been opened on her side as well that maybe she can trust me. I’ve never felt so connected to my sister.

Thank you again so much, I am so grateful how much of your heart you really put into the class and in everything you do. I believe you 110% when you tell the class that you love us.

You are an incredible man and an incredible teacher and I look up to you with the highest respect. You’ve taught me so much in such a short amount of time. Anyone who doesn’t value the impact you have in their lives doesn’t deserve it.

~ Jessica

Hey Jack!!

How are you doing?

I just finished reading your book Becoming . . . and have to say hands down the greater book I read.

I had something that was bothering me from the summer program I did through work and I feel like the last page I left off of was meant to be read yesterday. I read a lot on the plane yesterday and finished it today. I can honestly say I feel more at ease about the situation and I was open to accepting your words of wisdom.

You have been a positive influence in my life and I am truly grateful I had you as a professor. I wish you the best of luck in your career and look forward to reading more of your books!!

Take care!

~ Ruby

Hello Jack!

I attended the Well-being Symposium on Tuesday 4/14, initially to support Kerri Boyd! I loved your motivational speech and bought your book, Becoming . . . .

You signed my book, and I spoke with you for a few minutes before I had to leave to finish some homework! I just want to say that I finished your book, front to back. I related to EVERYTHING! I LOVED it and I now passed it to my Mom to read! There’s more I would like to say, but I will try not to make this super long.

I asked you what classes you taught at CSUF, and you had said Communications, so I looked you up. I don’t “need” to take any speech classes, but I want to take some of your classes.

Also, I want to know when you’re speaking again! Your book is so awesome, and I literally grew up with the mantras of “take accountability for your actions” and “lift people up, don’t bring them down”/”stay positive” from my parents. I feel like everyone should read your book!

Are you teaching any classes over the summer? Or will I have to wait for the fall?


~ Roxanne

Hey Jack!

So I wanted to share with you that I have a new job! I no longer work at the office with the crazy girl next to me. I work for the Anaheim City School District. I cannot thank you enough for all that I learned last semester.

I’m a teachers assistant and I work with elementary school students. I’ve found the skills you taught us to be VERY useful. Understanding that we have the same basic needs and caring for my students makes my job a lot of fun! I am able to connect with my students. Understanding that we do not all have the same knowledge base has helped me understand and be patient with the students that I don’t connect with right away.

I wanted to thank you, and who knows, I may just take another class with you in the future!

~ Cecilia

Dear Jack,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for such an amazing semester. I have gained more knowledge and have learned more life lessons in this class than all 4 of my other classes combined. From the moment I stepped in the classroom, I knew this class was going to be enjoyable. Your class has allowed me to grow and take in concepts that are so simple yet so effective.

In addition, I appreciate the amount of effort you put into this class because that is great motivation to get things done. You had a fantastic balance of going over content that is useful while incorporating your own experiences, thoughts, and personality, which creates the best possible learning environment.

I hope that you continue to inspire and educate future students in the same way you inspired and educated me. I hope that I can take another one of your classes in the future and I wish you all of the best in whatever you plan to do.

Thanks again,

~ Brandon

Dear Mr. Jack Mierop,

I finished your book Becoming . . . , your book about learning how to grow into the person you are destined to be, also, learn how to overcome those difficulties that gets in our way and to think beyond. I wanted to let you know how helpful your book is, and how much I enjoyed reading the book.

I particularly like the way in which you find examples to assist your writing. Like how you describe our brain as a program programmed by our parents, I absolutely couldn’t agree more to that!

Truthfully, I was once a pessimist girl who has been living under people’s look. Words from others can easily sway me or pull me down. Instead of asking myself what I want and think is right, I will end up asking my friends which do they think is good. There are choices I made and I regretted it after some time. Therefore, I let people in and allow them to make choices for me, which is NOT good, ‘cause I have long forgotten how to make the right choices, also I lost the confidence within myself.

There’s this one time that I encountered some difficulties in life and it really tear me down. And my best friend gave me this book, she said that it’s her professor who wrote this and she actually had you sign in the front page of the book! She reminded me over and over again that I “must” finish it, as it will help me along the way. And yes, I am thankful that after reading through it, I have regained my self-esteem and confidence. I am no longer living behind people’s shadow nor look. Instead of hiding or avoid the predicaments I had, I am now brave and strong enough to overcome the difficulties in life and break them down before it has its chance.

I’ll try my very best to have the best life ahead. Starting with focusing on myself instead of others, improve what is needed and sustain the good (of course, with your book as a guidance), and hopefully I will gain honor and satisfaction towards myself.

I always wanted to have a best life before, but I have no idea what it meant and how it can be achieve. But I think its forming slowly under my consciousness. I must first plant the beauty within myself before I seek the beauty of others. I must first help myself before I could help others.

Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring book, it has been a great help for a person like me as now I am happier, found the long lost laughter that I once had. And learn how to love and treat myself even better.

I’ll be looking forward for your next book! 🙂

~ Shelly

I was in your class last semester. I had been meaning to email you and kept putting it off (sorry!)

I just wanted to write you to say what an impact you had on me throughout the course. My choir teacher always used to say that we needed to thank the people who have helped us throughout our lives so they know that what they are saying and doing isn’t pointless. I made sure that when I looked at people on Facebook or in my phone the other day that I only had people that were going to lift me up and support me with everything that I do, not drag me down and bring negativity into my life.

I think maybe I was afraid to let people go because of how long I had known them or whatever random reason I could make up. Apparently that is not the case because I got rid of a ton of people and I am doing better than before!

For that I want to say thank you!

~ Kelsey

Dear Jack,

Just a quick note to let you know something! Today’s lecture in class was great! After class got out, Jeff, Sunny and myself stood and discussed everything that you had said because we really got a lot out of it. We do with all of your classes discussions but today’s was exceptionally life altering! You know, one thing you said that really got me and infact even made me a little emotional was, how you stated that when we go searching for the things that will make us happy, or searching for answers, we end up finding answers to questions we never had questions for . . . that’s so true. And when you asked, “What makes us happy?” “Are we happy with ourselves?” It made a lot of us, including myself, question that alone!

I just thought that you would like to know that a lot of your students left this class today affected by the things we discussed. From what I talked about with Sunny and Jeff, and overheard from others, it was all good discussions. I never left a class where something that a teacher discussed was going to make some sort of personal impact in my life until today! To think I thought about dropping this class. I’m glad I decided to stick it out!

Thanks to this class and the way you teach, I used some of this class purpose on Thanksgiving. And surprisingly it was effective.

Thanks again Jack!

~ Candice

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Wow Jack!!!

I had to write you tonight because I never thought a summer session of speech would do so much for me and the rest of the class.

Tonight we had the presentations and I was so impressed with the outpouring of emotions and the courage many of the students had. I never said this in class, but I was also a victim of abuse as a child and to see all of the women tonight tell their stories made me feel very proud of them. I say this because I had a great Mom and Sister who guided me through that very difficult period. I believe that because I had them there to communicate with, I do not have many issues or pent up emotions about it now.

I am so glad that you were able to create that supportive environment and it helped those women open up. I just wanted to let you know that if one thing will help them, it is to have someone willing to listen to them. It took a lot of courage on their part and I believe you were responsible for making them feel comfortable.

Also, many of the guys in class were much more expressive than I think they would have been if you had not been such a good mentor and taught us all not to FEAR communication.

I think you should know that you help people not be afraid. Thanks for all your help in my own communication.


~ Melissa

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that I’ve been using a lot of the skills I learned in your class to improve my relationship with my dad. Him and I used to clash a lot and fight over the same things over and over again. But now things are much better, all thanks to you.

We’ve learned to talk things out and understand things from each other’s point of view. I’m a lot happier now that my dad and I understand each other more. We’re not fighting as much and we’ve definitely grown a lot closer. Things at home are better than ever.

Thanks again for all you’ve taught me, Jack. You don’t understand how much your class has changed my life. I guess I’m just another one of those kids that you’ve changed for the better.

Thanks again. Keep doing your thing!

~ Brandon

Hi Jack:

We wanted to write you a late note to sincerely say thank you. My father brought us up teaching us that the happiest people are those who have many reasons to be thankful. Of course we fail to achieve happiness because we aren’t thankful anymore for the simple things in life like a new morning, our health, our families, the smiles of our children, our friends . . . our professors. My wife and I still regard education as a privilege not a right, therefore we place a high value on our instructors. So today we just want to say thank you.

Thanks for the awesome opportunity to be in your class, thank you for the passion with which you present your lectures, and thank you for your patience and ability to bring out the best in ourselves throughout the semester. And thank you for providing us with a few great tools for the communication in our marriage.

God Bless You

~ Neftali & Veronica

I know I’ve already said it to you, but I wanted to thank you again for honestly being one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. You will always be that teacher that has left an everlasting stamp in my mind. I never thought a class would be able to teach me so much about my everyday life.

I am so glad that I got you as a teacher, instead of anyone else. Thank you also for being so nice about the rough time I’ve had this semester. You have honestly left a mark in Larry’s mind too, and he didn’t even have you as a teacher. You possess such a great quality of not only your teaching ability, but your ability to relate to your students.

You always seemed to brighten my day when I came to your class!

~ Courtney


It’s amazing how fast time goes by. I just wanted to thank you for being such a great teacher. I mean it’s rare to find people like you, someone who’s real and genuine. From the first class meeting I instantly knew you were one of those people that brought the best out in people. From your examples of life, I think I have learned a lot about myself. You taught me how to be my own person; you taught me how to do things I thought I wouldn’t be able to do. I thank you a lot.

It’s kinda hard to put into words the meaning you had. You have to be one of the best people and teacher I have met. I want to be a music teacher, and you have taught me how to be a better person, which will help me become a better teacher. It’s something special that you have that so many people think they cannot achieve. I really hope that your actions start a chain reaction that help people think in a way like you.

Again, thanks a lot for this semester!

I hope your holidays are filled with joy!

~ Jeffrey

I just want to tell you that I appreciate you as a teacher and a person very much. I have learned so much in your class this semester about methods and concepts that were vague to me before, and you have helped to clarify them in my head with your animated stories and analogies and lists on the board.

I admire that you truly teach from your heart and through your own life experiences. I also admire your ideology on life. In my experience, you are a rare gift to the students, opening up and giving of yourself and sharing your belief system on how to treat other people. I feel like I could probably talk to you about anything…and I do realize I still need to work on listening more…we are all works in progress…eh?

Life is an awesome journey and I relate to your explanation of how to turn things around and find the meaning and the good in each and every event and person we meet. You are passing on important tools for each student to use in life. I have been fortunate to be in your class and I look forward to learning more from you each week.

~ Jeana


I am writing you to give you a little update. My debate career is now over, and to be honest, I was never very successful. We broke like once in open, and I did go to AFA, but that didn’t go very well either. However, being in debate opened up a lot of doors for me in other areas. I will be moving to New York to get my Masters in Communication at Syracuse University. It was really cool because I got an incredible package.

The reason I am telling you all of this is because I was thinking of how it all got started. Prior to getting into debate, I didn’t think that graduate school was even really possible for me. I know that I only had you as a professor in one class, but it really made a difference in the direction that my life would take . . . not because of competitive success in the activity that you directed me towards, but because of all of the benefits that it provided.

I am writing this letter to thank you for making a class that I was afraid of into something that made me keep wanting to learn and continue the major.

I hope that you don’t think that I am crazy for letting you know all of this stuff . . . I think I should just give credit where it is deserved. If you ever need a letter of rec from a past student or anything at all, please feel free to hit me up with an e-mail!

~ Diana


I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write me letters of recommendation. You have been one of the few professors I have had that I can talk to about anything and listen to me and offer me advice. I enjoyed your office hours full of other students just hanging out and talking to you about anything on their minds.

I am really glad you have been a life coach to many people and am proud of all the achievements you have done, especially publishing a book. I remember your story of how you woke up one day and decided you wanted to do something different in your career and that’s what made you a professor.

I have that moment in my life where I don’t want to pursue accounting and I had deja vu of that day I was in your class and you were explaining your story. I am hoping and going to work towards getting the job I love to do everyday. I am thankful I have had the opportunity to meet such an inspiring and motivating professor.

I am sure you have changed many lives, including mine and will continue to change more lives. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enhance my communication skills in your classes, which have helped me break away from the shyness I once had.

I hope this upcoming year brings a lot of joy and blessings your way.

~ Ruby

I just watched the video that was shared from Anna. It helped me reflect more on everything you have taught and shared with us so far.

I believe that like the atoms in the world and how they explode, everyone in this class and of course you Jack has many explosions of life. From who we are and how we arrived to the Mierop Train Station “no more stops to shitty life!” woooo wooo!

Whenever we are in class, I like to look around once in awhile to see the changes in everyones energy to the confidence that continually grows. This goes without saying, but the self-disclosure you share with us and the knowledge and experience you share as well is making a very powerful and positive impact in our lives.

I’m sure I can speak for everyone but it means the world to us that clarity in life is definitely one of the main roads for our lives from now and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and well you get my drift.

Thanks Always,

~ Brice

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