Via Personal Correspondences


Thank you very much!

May 16, 2017

Dear Jack,

This semester has been the most influential and inspirational to my life. In the beginning of the semester I wasn’t expecting to build so many friendships and have a personal relationship with my own professor but you made it happen. You have taught me how to listen effectively, and I learned the importance of giving a person your undivided attention.

Your class has strengthened my relationships with people outside of the class as well. My mom and I haven’t been as close as we are today in a long time, and I know it’s because of what you have taught me in class. Thank you for opening up my mind to the wonders of this world. I have learned to appreciate and find interest in everything. There is never a limit on how much a person can learn, and you taught me that the world is so big; once we realize that we can understand that “we don’t know shit.”

My life is still changing because of the lessons you have taught me; I am still practicing my assertiveness and perception checking. Every night, if I remember, I ask myself what I liked about my day and what I don’t like about my day, and I have noticed less negativity in my life. My life is so much better off because I’ve met you. I know we haven’t talked about me going to the Army much, but I hope we can be pen pals so you can keep giving me amazing lessons on life even if I’m thousands of miles away.

Thank you for your wisdom and kindness; your love for your students is so powerful and life changing.

Don’t ever change.


~ Madison Patchett

Miguel Powers

Professor, Fullerton College

321 East Chapman Avenue

Fullerton, CA 92832


Thursday, December 9, 2010


You shaped the education of at least one of your former students. The enclosed letter is part of the final exam for English 100 at Fullerton College. The final asked students to compose a letter about their education.

Our semester focused on the “ends of education.” I knew we all had this topic in common and by asking questions about our educations, we might arrive at our own individual answers. Thus, our course work would help students shape their own education while striving for their own version of educational success.

Consequently, the Final Exam Letter, which you now hold in your hand, is addressed to the teacher they felt “shaped their education.” I asked students to include at least one of our course readings while explaining “how” the teacher shaped their education, with specific examples. The students had two hours to write the letter, so please excuse any mistakes as the products of a timed writing exercise.

Ideally, this final not only helps students develop a clear sense of their education, but also helps them learn to write with a purpose and for an audience. I also offered extra credit if students properly addressed the second letter and provided a stamped envelope so that you might benefit from the letter. I hope you enjoy these comments and commend you on your own educational success, for certainly this student letter proves you have succeeded.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.

With great respect,

Miguel Powers

Professor of English

Fullerton College


December 9, 2010

Dear Mr. Mierop

As a student one hopes to get in, learn a couple of interestiong [sic] facts that will forever stick in their minds, and get out as quickly as possible. Never does one see a student jumping for joy because a class is about to begin anymore. Until now, I have found myself awaiting for your class in excitement willing to learn new facts of life. Not only did I learn in your class about others but I learned about myself. Ever since high school ended I never felt a teacher cared for his/her students. No connection ever occurred it was strictly homework assignments being turned in and passing test if you were to fail or fall nobody would be there to push you back up. That is why coming into your class was so shocking and inviting. Mr. Mierop you have served me well, your actual counseling and guidance helped my efforts in school. Also the workshops performed with different students aided with the learning of “everybody’s different” and seeing how everyone else deals with communication. Lastly, the way you taught always fighting for everybody’s attention and actually getting made the class go by fast due to all the fun we had.

No teacher of mine since eighth grade has taken the time to actually sit and talk to me, or even give eye contact. Not you Mr. Mierop, you made sure every single one of your students said hello and gave you eye contact and acknowledged one another’s presence. I felt a part of an education system and wanted to be known, by achieving good grades and always turning in assignments on time. Your communication class helped me enhance my social skills not only with my friends and family but with work relations as well.

Performing what we learned in class was also very beneficial. In most classes students sit in a chair for hours watching slides go by one after the other. Generally with a monotone teacher that wants to just go in say what he has to say and not necessarily teach his/her students. Your way of teaching really made a difference, there was note taking involved of course but after every life learning lecture, we got the chance to put our newfound knowledge into play. The assignments also were very advantageous, sure writing journals and essays on history is good for the brain but by making us the students apply the lectures on our daily lives really helped me grasp the lessons of education.

Never did I expect a teacher to yell out a profane word on the first day repeatedly. It definitely caught my attention always telling jokes and expecting some in return made class so easy. Also using your life experiences made learning communication skills so much more realistic to use on my own life. Mierop, you truly made my education experience worthwhile and I hope to get more teachers like you down the road.

Mr. Mierop I would like to compare you to an author named E.D. Hirsh he believed in cultural literacy in which everyone needs to know the same basic knowledge in education to advance. You have the same idea but in your branch of expertise- life. Everyone needs to have the same basic and problem solving communication skills to succeed in life. You truly enhanced my education and made me look forward to success.


Jessica Carrillo