August 5, 2002

Dean of Literature & Languages
Orange Coast College
2701 Fairview Road
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

Dear Dean,

Too often in our society are folks willing to jump at the opportunity to criticize or complain of unsatisfactory performance or product.

However, this letter is to acknowledge the exceptional instruction offered by Jack Mierop, Adjunct Faculty in Interpersonal Speech Communications. Mr. Mierop has created a classroom climate whereby the students are given the chance to really look inside themselves and recognize ineffective patterns of relating and communicating. Mr. Mierop brings humor and levity to his course, yet is also exceptionally caring and supportive. He is concise regarding his expectations of the student, preventing misunderstand or confusion.

I feel a great sense of pride as an employee of the Coast Community College District to know that instructors of high quality and integrity, such as Mr. Mierop, are part of Orange Coast College‘s overall mission and goals.

Mr. Mierop has my appreciation and gratitude for allowing me the occasion to learn skills that will enhance and improve all my relationships. You can be certain that I will highly recommend Mr. Mierop to all my students!


~ Vickie