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I Jacked Up My Life

The thing that caught my attention the most on your website was your “All About Jack” video. I know it’s a very general video but it really stood out to me; reason being that the way that the video was put together makes it very sentimental and I loved your message behind it.

I loved the message so much that I honestly felt so lucky to have you as my professor. I was excited to share this with my best friend and that’s surely what I did. I sent her the link to the video and said “dude, this is my professor . . . ”

Now, this either means I think you’re weird or I’m ecstatic to have a professor that genuinely loves what he’s doing.

I can assure you that I thought the second thought. I felt like I had to “show off” what a cool professor I had.

The video shows how you interact with people and how invested people are into your talks. What I also liked was that every talk that was shown in the video is something that everyone can relate to and have felt.

I love the whole message behind the video to not keep what we learn about being brave a secret.

I then looked more on your website and found the page called “A Letter From a Student at Fullerton College.” I could tell the more I read through the letter that she wrote to you, I can tell the tone she was using. She expressed the way she felt about your class with excitement and I definitely can relate.

The first day of class, I was not expecting any of my professors to be using profane language but you knew that it would make us comfortable. What I enjoy most about you and the class is how much you try to make it fit into our everyday lives so we can understand it from a different perspective.

I feel the same way Jessica felt because you don’t meet a lot of teachers who genuinely care about their students or their job.

~ Maryan


All About Jack




My first semester of college I was lucky enough to get one of thee most inspirational professors of CSUF.

To this day, I can’t thank him enough for being an inspiration and for helping not only me but many of my classmates, open our eyes to see the good in life. Please watch and share!!!

~ Akesa

Love the video, Akesa!

Jack is unforgettable. Hands down the most influential and inspiring Professor I’ve had at CSUF (undergrad & postgrad).

The university is lucky to have him!

~ Ally

I love this!!!

Jack Mierop you’re such an inspirational person, you changed my life in more ways than one!

Thank you!!!! Miss you tons. ❤

~ Lyzette

I’ll drink to that!!!

Jack, you are amazing!!

~ Grace

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