A Variety of Full Program Videos,

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Jack Up Your Life 

Presentations and Events



L.I.F.E. Symposium

(Living Incredibly For Ever) presented at COMM Week, CSUF

April 26, 2017.

Including Presenters: Yanitza Berrios, Davey Eaves, Danielle Rath, Connor Davison and Jack Mierop


WARNING: Video contains strong language! Discretion is advised.



A huge THANK YOU to the following people for their continued support and for their help in managing this event:

Kaylee Faria, Britney Rodriguez, Noe Alvarado, Terence “T-Bone” dela Paz and our COMM Week liaison Hannah Elliott

Edited by Christian Peñuelas

Thanks, always, to Titan TV!

For still photographs of this event, Click Here



Secrets Never Told

Presented during COMM Week at CSUF, April 20, 2016

Including Presenters: George Calderon, Alison Tipton and Jack Mierop



Thanks to all involved!



Free Will and the Unconscious Mind

presented by

New Freethinkers


Re-think Sunday, August 30, 2015, 11 am

by Jack Mierop, Professor, Author, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker



Thanks to Peter Montoya, Curtis Anderson and the New Freethinkers


Curtis Anderson

Jared Kotoff

Alex Lamberd

Edited by Curtis Anderson



Personal Wellness Symposium

A CSUF, COMM Week Presentation, April 23, 2014

The Full Program



Thanks to presenters:

Jason Teven, Christi Bell, Pete Christenson, Heron Stone and David Roel


for creating this film of the event!

Special Thanks for their help with this event to:

Mike Bender, Chanel Stansel, Shelby Dalton and a huge debt of appreciation to COMM Week and COMM Week liaison Shereen!


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