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I wish this book had been written 20 years ago, it would have saved me from a lot of unhappiness. This book introduces the reader to a basic set of interpersonal life skills, that many of us are not taught or must learn along the way. This book is particularly helpful for young adults who are struggling with finding their way and navigating the everyday stuff that can be so overwhelming when you don’t have the right coping skills or support systems in place. Some of us have to figure this stuff out on our own, some of us have to be our own support system and this book guides you through in a humorous, thoughtful and compassionate way. Jack up your life” and buy this book for yourself or for someone you care about!!

~ Opera Mama

I agree with the first reviewer; oh, that the book had been written years ago!

We’re seniors now, but in our former lives we worked with several different age groups, in group settings, to help the participants get their lives in order. And I could have benefited from a reading of this book, myself. Especially helpful, I found, were the following chapters: Chapter 5: Reflected Appraisals and Self-Esteem; Chapter 11: Energy Attraction; Chapter 8: Paradigm Shift; and Chapter 2: “Why’d Ya Do That?”: The Perception Process.

This book is really a textbook on “becoming,” and I envision it as very helpful in some college courses. Of course, high schoolers, I believe, would fairly quickly grasp the concepts too and could profit hugely from the impact it would have on their young lives.

Thank you, Mr. Mierop, for putting in the work to help us all in our journey through life!

~ Adele

Hey Jack!!

How are you doing?

I just finished reading your book Becoming . . . and have to say hands down the greater book I read.

I had something that was bothering me from the summer program I did through work and I feel like the last page I left off of was meant to be read yesterday. I read a lot on the plane yesterday and finished it today. I can honestly say I feel more at ease about the situation and I was open to accepting your words of wisdom.

You have been a positive influence in my life and I am truly grateful I had you as a professor. I wish you the best of luck in your career and look forward to reading more of your books!!

Take care!

~ Ruby

“I love this book”

This book is a great tool to help be a more positive person and live a happier life. I recommend it to everyone.

~ Virginia

Hello Jack!

I attended the Well-being Symposium on Tuesday 4/14, initially to support Kerri Boyd! I loved your motivational speech and bought your book, Becoming . . . .

You signed my book, and I spoke with you for a few minutes before I had to leave to finish some homework! I just want to say that I finished your book, front to back. I related to EVERYTHING! I LOVED it and I now passed it to my Mom to read! There’s more I would like to say, but I will try not to make this super long.

I asked you what classes you taught at CSUF, and you had said Communications, so I looked you up. I don’t “need” to take any speech classes, but I want to take some of your classes.

Also, I want to know when you’re speaking again! Your book is so awesome, and I literally grew up with the mantras of “take accountability for your actions” and “lift people up, don’t bring them down”/”stay positive” from my parents. I feel like everyone should read your book!

Are you teaching any classes over the summer? Or will I have to wait for the fall?


~ Roxanne

I loved reading this book.

I enjoy the way Jack teaches us to place a different perspective on life to make ourselves become generally happier people.

I also sent this book to a friend who is incarcerated as a birthday gift and he couldn’t put it down. He felt that it was such a good read and a useful tool to help him find his way and learn about the person he has the potential to find in himself.

Thank you, Jack, from me and my best friend. 🙂

You truly help make a difference in people’s lives.

~ Kimberly

Becoming . . .  is the handbook for life — packed full of humorous and engaging stories that will teach you how to grow into the person you are destined to be.

~ Jamie

Hey Jack!!

Hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know today’s question for English was what’s your favorite book and someone said Becoming . . .  by you! 🙂

~ Rama

I’ve been feeling really happy lately thanks to this amazing book called Becoming . . .

The minute I changed my thoughts, I suddenly felt that much greater! Today, I chose to be happy 🙂

How are YOU feeling?

~ Christina (@steenatran)

Dear Mr. Jack Mierop,

I finished your book Becoming . . . , your book about learning how to grow into the person you are destined to be, also, learn how to overcome those difficulties that gets in our way and to think beyond. I wanted to let you know how helpful your book is, and how much I enjoyed reading the book.

I particularly like the way in which you find examples to assist your writing. Like how you describe our brain as a program programmed by our parents, I absolutely couldn’t agree more to that!

Truthfully, I was once a pessimist girl who has been living under people’s look. Words from others can easily sway me or pull me down. Instead of asking myself what I want and think is right, I will end up asking my friends which do they think is good. There are choices I made and I regretted it after some time. Therefore, I let people in and allow them to make choices for me, which is NOT good, ‘cause I have long forgotten how to make the right choices, also I lost the confidence within myself.

There’s this one time that I encountered some difficulties in life and it really tear me down. And my best friend gave me this book, she said that it’s her professor who wrote this and she actually had you sign in the front page of the book! She reminded me over and over again that I “must” finish it, as it will help me along the way. And yes, I am thankful that after reading through it, I have regained my self-esteem and confidence. I am no longer living behind people’s shadow nor look. Instead of hiding or avoid the predicaments I had, I am now brave and strong enough to overcome the difficulties in life and break them down before it has its chance.

I’ll try my very best to have the best life ahead. Starting with focusing on myself instead of others, improve what is needed and sustain the good (of course, with your book as a guidance), and hopefully I will gain honor and satisfaction towards myself.

I always wanted to have a best life before, but I have no idea what it meant and how it can be achieve. But I think its forming slowly under my consciousness. I must first plant the beauty within myself before I seek the beauty of others. I must first help myself before I could help others.

Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring book, it has been a great help for a person like me as now I am happier, found the long lost laughter that I once had. And learn how to love and treat myself even better.

I’ll be looking forward for your next book! 🙂

~ Shelly

I haven’t finished the book yet! I love it thus far! Amazing read. It’s an eye-opener.

~ Jay

Now, I have completely finished this book by Jack Mierop. I have to say. AMAZING. Great book. I have read self-help books, but none are comparable to this one. It gets into the source of why people continue to think and behave the way they do. We all have different interpretations of the world around us because we all have been conditioned differently from one another. We all have different knowledge bases based on our unique set of experiences and how we were conditioned to think by family, friends, and society. It reminded, changed, and reinforced my beliefs about the world and the people within it. More importantly, this book has allowed me to better understand myself and improve my life. This book made me laugh, smile, and at some point, I shed a tear. I would give this book a 10 out of ten. Why don’t you Jack Up Your Life? Have a little Jack in your life.

~ Jay

What a powerful book! Loved every bit of it and I plan to look back at it every so often to refresh my memory. Thanks Jack! You are one inspiring individual. 🙂

~ Olga

I want to say that this is probably one of the greatest books I have read.

Motivation and guidance for my life was exactly what I needed to hear/read. I realized the reasons for my happiness and the reasons to why I should live the way I do or the changes I should make.

This book covers all the practical elements of life and Jack guides you through each element in an interesting way! I cannot wait to read another book of his.

I recommend everyone to read this book because it will open your eyes and make you realize what you’re really living for.

Thanks Jack for writing and sharing this awesome book!

~ Priya

I learned so much from him in my one semester in college that I am still using today. So insightful, funny, and wise. I can’t WAIT to read this!

~ Kate

Becoming . . .  is an uplifting, easy read that allows readers to think without being uncomfortable. Clear analogies lead people through the maze of how they came to have their belief system and gives them a gentle prodding to question the origin.
I love the way you write. I got to read some more recently and you take the reader down a path, they get totally hooked into the path, and then you bring them back to the point which is how we process information and that there IS a path – and bang another awareness brought about by guiding the reader through the process. Love it!

~ Nancy

This really is a great book. I do not like to read; yet this book is one I am almost finished reading. This would make it one of only 5-6 other books I have read entirely in my nearly 30 years! The book will provide insight on how to not only better yourself and lead a happier life, but also how to avoid conflicts and weeding out those who bring you down. Again this is one of under 7 books I’ve read completely. Give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose!

~ McIntosh

Fantastic book! I was a student of Jack’s and although you cannot replace being in a classroom with him, this book was the next best thing! Recommending it to everyone I know who can’t take his class!

~ Jonathan

I wanted to share something with you:

I have been trying to obtain my Spanish citizenship for the past few years. I should have had it already but due to bureaucratic bullshit they screwed up and I have been forced to start the process all over again.

This morning as I was told the process will take about 2 more years and my lawyer said that the ¨new¨document I needed would cost me an additional 130€. I was furious to say the least, frustrated, just overwhelmed with very negative emotions.

My husband on the other hand said, “Fine 130€ more, two work days lost, 2 more years waiting … fine no big deal.” No Big Deal!!! I argued that it was a big deal and was so wrapped up in my fury that I didn’t realize that the way I reacted was a choice.

It was only after I cried, pouted and screamed that I thought of what I had read in your book. I wasted so much energy being negative. Once I really thought about it; it really isn’t that big of a deal. I guess what I´m trying to say is Thank You!!!

If it wasn’t for your wise words I would still be angry.

~ Nayeli

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