of Fullerton College



July 29, 2008

Dear Mrs. Hodge,

Hi, my name is Tanya and I’m a student here at FJC after ten years off.  I was returning with great hesitation before meeting my professor Jack Mierop and I briefly wanted to explain my reasoning for the change of mind.

I’m a mother of two young children.  I also am a wife to a very successful business man and happily just celebrated our nine year anniversary.  My family is my biggest priority and first focus.  My children are six and seven now so the demands of me are decreasing and the time away from me is increasing due to school and sport functions.  I started having the desire to attempt school and here I am, [in] speech class with J. Mierop.  I come from a wonderful Dutch family, raised with a private education and loved my childhood.

I now live in an upscale neighborhood surrounded with business owners, presidents of companies like yourself and C.E.Os.  I only tell you this because I believe it pertains to my reasoning for the letter.  I have had the privilege to live in different experiences of the success ladder.  I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck as well as having the freedom of shopping and having whatever I want at any given moment.  Money is no object for us, however it can’t buy my education.  I didn’t want to be here for the simple reason I don’t want to be away from my family and because I have all I need.  The reason the majority attend school is to make a great life for themselves . . . which I already have, except for a degree.  However the desire for a silly certificate will not go away and that’s where I am right at the moment.

I really wanted to express to what a great job you have done in hiring J. Mierop . . . what a wonderful influence to our children today.  He is the reason I want to continue my education here FJC!  He is my first professor experience back and I’m completely and utterly amazed at the enthusiasm he brings and the joy that comes out of our class.  I totally have a different mind set this time around and I’m telling you if I had this teacher at eighteen years of age I know I would have gone on to finish.  He is the real deal. I want you to recognize what a great professor you have on your hands.  My children are the future and if this is kind of people you staff here then this is where my children need to be in a few years.  I want you to realize what an asset you have on your hands.  He is great man inside and out!!!  I believe his class should be mandatory for all just because our world would be a better place.  I tell you this because at the end of the day I’m a better mom, wife and friend for what he has given me.  I know I’m right given my experiences with life and the reaction of the others in class.  The other people in class don’t care as much as I do given I’m the only parent and I look at things through a different picture.  I know a lot of kids only go to school to party, pass time and parents give them no other option.  Here’s my thing: Jack is giving people the skills to live a smoother life.  Ten years ago some of my professors made me want to fall asleep!!!

I’m going to write a letter to the Mayor and other community authorities and let them know what a great job your doing in staffing FJC because you are changing the world one class at time with a professor like Jack.  I honestly believe it’s in the best interest of the college and enrollment at FJC for students to take his class or at least get a taste of Jack.  He is the reason I want to continue my education.  You set the bar high when you decided to hire this gentleman.  The crazy thing is I don’t need to be here but I want too.

Thanks again,

~ Tanya