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My first semester of college I was lucky enough to get one of thee most inspirational professors of CSUF.

To this day, I can’t thank him enough for being an inspiration and for helping not only me but many of my classmates, open our eyes to see the good in life. Please watch and share!!!

~ Akesa

Love the video, Akesa!

Jack is unforgettable. Hands down the most influential and inspiring Professor I’ve had at CSUF (undergrad & postgrad).

The university is lucky to have him!

~ Ally

I love this!!!

Jack Mierop you’re such an inspirational person, you changed my life in more ways than one!

Thank you!!!! Miss you tons. ❤

~ Lyzette

I’ll drink to that!!!

Jack, you are amazing!!

~ Grace



In Focus Interview at Titan TV

Trailer for the In Focus Interview at CSUF

on March 6, 2015.



To view the full interview, Click Here.



Secrets Never Told

Trailer for the symposium presented at CSUF on April 20, 2016.



To view Jack’s segment of the event, Click Here.

To view the full program with all speakers, Click Here.



Be Responsible for the Energy You Bring into the Room!

A short presentation to the meeting of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Scholarship Dinner, March 20, 2016.



Thanks to Cambrie Matranga for the invitation to speak!



The Intouchables

An Introduction to the French Film

The Intouchables

at the Fullerton College French Film Festival

March 15, 2014

Camera: Alex Lamberd



Thanks to Alex Lamberd.



Crafting Your Best Life

A Becoming . . . book release presentation



Thanks to Jess Aronin and Mike Gonzalez for appearing in this video!



Living with Your Roommates without Killing Them

CSUF Residence Halls Presentation, October 14, 2009



For their contributions, I would like to thank:

Jessica Aguirre, Sarah Klivans, Emily Dougan and Davey Eaves!


To view videos of my train trips click here.