A Variety of Communication Skills are Available for Personal Development Presentations in an Interactive Workshop Format

Jack Up Your Life Communication Workshops create a deeper understanding and competency of the skills needed to communicate more effectively, allowing for the personal peace and freedom true personal growth affords.  Colorful analogies and personal anecdotes clarify the skills needed for personal change and happiness. 

Several skills are available in my Communication Workshops and include approximately 60 to 90 minutes of discussion and a 30-minute breakout session for experiencing the skill with attendees.




We communicate for need fulfillment. Many of us interact with others in a verbally aggressive style, and are left wondering why our needs are not met nor why our relationships fail. With clear analogies and personal accounts, this workshop illustrates non-assertiveness, verbal aggressiveness, passive aggressiveness, and assertive behaviors. Guidelines for communicating assertively are presented and participants move to breakout sessions to practice the skill.




There is no reality, only perception! This false sense of the world, due to the assumptions we make about it, often leads to misunderstandings. In this workshop, the perception process is dissected and discussed. Guidelines for checking our perceptions are outlined and breakout sessions allow participants to practice the skill in a non-threatening environment.




A majority of our time communicating with others is spent listening, and while many of us consider ourselves good listeners, countless numbers of us are unaware of what constitutes effective listening and what prevents us from listening well. In this eye-opening workshop, many of the barriers to listening discussed demonstrate the need for attention to our listening, and guidelines educate participants for becoming more effective and empathetic listeners.

Breakout sessions allow participants to experience listening from a variety of perspectives.


Giving & Receiving Feedback:


Feedback is letting people know how their behavior affectives us. In other words, it is telling someone how you feel about what they did. Considering that most of the feedback we both give and receive is negative, understanding effective ways of dealing with it is crucial in any type of relationship. Specific guidelines can help keep your feedback on track without putting others on the defensive. There are also strategies for accepting unrequested negative feedback, so as to not let it lower your self-esteem.


Managing Emotions:


Your emotions are your own, personal responsibility, and understanding and controlling them may be difficult at times. This workshop provides discussions of the various components of emotions, and how expectation violations, and violations of need fulfillment, will lead to negative emotional states. Strategies for managing emotions, including anger, are outlined and practiced in breakout sessions.


Supportive Climate:


The atmosphere in which we communicate, or the climate we create through our communication, plays an important role in realizing the outcomes of our interactions. Through this workshop, both defensive and supportive postures are examined and explained. Guidelines for creating a supportive climate in dealing with conflicts and emotions help participants understand the differences in our communication while attempting to be supportive opposed to putting others in a defensive mood.


Conflict Management:


Conflict is inevitable in any relationship! Our attitudes and thought patterns concerning conflict are just the tip of the iceberg. Common misunderstandings for managing conflict, outcomes for effective conflict management, and strategies for successfully managing conflict are outlined and discussed in this workshop. Breakout sessions allow participants to practice strategies for effectively managing conflict.




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