Temporary Faculty

Peer Evaluation Form

Part II

Instructions to Evaluator:

Please elaborate on your judgments of the Lecturer’s performance. Discuss his/her strengths and give suggestions, where possible, for enhancing teaching effectiveness.  Your analysis should be specific, detailed and supported by examples and/or other data.


Before class, I was pleasantly surprised to see Professor Mierop personally greet each of his students as they entered the classroom and signed the roll sheet.  His manner was extremely warm and friendly and full of genuine affection for each of his students.


Today’s lecture centered on how to construct a policy case for the upcoming team debate on the legalization of prostitution.  Professor Mierop began by defining some terms and concepts (policy, systems, presumption, status quo, burden of proof, prima facie case, and stock issues) with the full participation of the class.  This mutual exploration of the topic by teacher and students was richly packed with information, detail, and concrete illustrations.  Throughout the lecture, students were involved to the maximum and were able to contribute many excellent examples from their personal experiences to help clarify the ideas being discussed.  As the lecture progressed, Professor Mierop addressed the stock issues students needed to cover in their debate presentations, the role of the negative side of the debates, etc. and shared some of his own personal experiences in judging debates.


Professor Mierop interacted with the class in an informal, direct, conversational, humorous and enthusiastic manner.  He speaks with the authority of someone who has mastered his subject and, in turn, is perceived by the students as highly knowledgeable.  He is focused on eliciting ideas, comments, restatements of his ideas, and real-world examples from his students as he moves methodically step-by-step forward in his lecture.  He is an excellent lecturer who involves his students fully and leads them, with humor, into the world of knowledge.


Professor Jack Mierop is one of the best teachers I have seen.  I enjoyed watching him interact with his students in the highly stimulating learning environment that he has created.  Professor Mierop is a valuable member of the Communication Department.


~ California Polytechnic State University, Pomona (2012)



You truly are amazing Jack!

~ Grace

This reminds me of the letter of recommendation you wrote for me to the judge in my case, it sure kept me outta jail lol!!! definitely best teacher ever, I learned so much, from you, and honestly never would have matured, and broke out of my cocoon and became the man I am today without you and your classes, love you Jack Mierop!!!

~ Jimbo

OMG that opening paragraph brought back a lot of memories from class! Miss you and hope to see you soon!!!

Take care.

~ Lauren

I concur with all that was said (in all of your teachings!). There are 3 professors names that I repeat time and time again per semester. Yours is ALWAYS at the top of that short list.

Thank you for being you!

~ Amanda

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Your class was one of very few memorable classes I took during my college career. I still use what you taught me today.

Thank you.

~ Camille

Best professor ever! By far my favorite!

~ Jazmine

You are by far my favorite Professor as well!

~ Ruthie

I hope you’re doing well Jack! It’s been almost a full year since the last time I was in your class and I miss it! Thank you for always sharing your joy and happiness in person and over social media!

~ Kyle

I’ll never forget my first class with you (2008!) and the additional class I took as well. Your teaching style is unique, and leaves a positive impression on your students that lasts for years and years. It’s rare to find a teacher who is so passionate about what they teach, and who they are teaching.

Thank you for being you!

~ Michelle

All so accurate! You’re the best.

~ Juliana

I agree with the peer evaluation. I feared communication classes but yours was by far the best one and I learned a lot.

~ Blanca

Professor Jack Mierop is one of the best teachers I have seen, and had the pleasure of learning from!

~ Jasmin

Well said – your class helped me in my business settings – standing in front of ppl and speaking scared the “crap” otta me – but I too have to say thank you, though it’s been a few years since I took your class – it forever influenced my ability to communicate in my company settings and I no longer feel like crawling in a hole when in front of them speaking – stay true to you & again Thank you!!

~ Ronda

I still talk about you till today to my friends and how much influence your communications class had on me back in 2006. I’ll never forget that your class is what taught me how to truly listen. And also how to control your emotions. Most classes you forget what you learned almost a few months later but I still remember your class like it was yesterday. It truly is because of your awesome teaching style. I can’t wait to see you Jack!

Thanks for everything.

~ Shahira

You’re still the best professor I have ever had! It’s amazing how you’re able to impact so many students lives. I always tell people to take a class with you if they have the opportunity.

~ McKenna

Your class was so impactful. I still til this day tell everyone to take your class! You are not only a wonderful professor you are a great human being!!!

~ Crystal

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