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“Jack Mierop is a rockstar and if you have never heard his voice you’re missing out big time.”

~ Krista

Jack Up Your Life

Personal growth seminars and Life Coaching sessions that lead the way to personal peace.

Jack Mierop is an experienced and refreshing Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Educator and Author providing presentations that show us the power of self-awareness, choice, growth and self-esteem in every aspect of our communication and relationships. His Seminars & Talks and Life Coaching sessions emphasize the infinite possibility and growth within us just waiting to be energized! His book Becoming . . .  reflects every element of this philosophy.

Jack is also an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church Monastery with all the rights and privileges to perform all the duties there of, and as such can officiate your wedding or funeral service.

Jack founded the Jack Up Your Life seminar and lecture series to reach a broader audience with his message of personal understanding and peace.  Using examples and stories from his life, along with his research in the fields of communication, psychology and philosophy, he incorporates his own down-to-earth, conversational presentation style, with the messages of a deeper understanding of life.

Jack has been engaging audiences of  all ages, ethnicities and ways of life, in both public speaking and individual life coaching sessions with his witty and inspiring knowledge of communication and the power of choice in our lives. For more than two decades, his lighthearted, invigorating speeches have helped thousands of people to not only communicate more effectively but to elevate their minds to a place of personal peace and refreshing freedom.

For those who search for answers through the journey
of life and personal growth, Jack Up Your Life
presentations are not to be missed!


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Explore the variety of

Jack Up Your Life

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