One look, one kiss, one touch, one laugh, one gut wrenching feeling…

One moment. That’s all it took.

This wasn’t like any other feeling I had when I saw her. 

It wasn’t like the movies. This was so much better. 

She saw me for me and I saw her for her.

The brokenness we both had, the wounds we held onto because we were so scared to let them go.

The scars that were the only things holding ourselves together.

Like glue holding together a fragile heart.


One moment, that’s all it took. 

To see the beauty in this fragile heart. 

The tears that she shed, the loneliness that she felt.

Those same exact feelings I have felt. 

That fire that was slowly burning out. 

The missing piece to each other’s puzzle.

The feeling we both have been missing.


One moment, that’s all it took. 

To feel that fresh air fill my lungs.

To feel the warmth of another body beside mine. 

To hear the heartbeat of another. 

To share the same unforgettable and indescribable passion that is shared between us. 

The goodnight kisses that I thought went cold at one point in my life.


One moment, that’s all it took.

For the darkness, the never ending void, finally filling.

The demons in my head finally silencing.

The pain finally subsiding.

The loneliness finally being forgotten, like it was some nightmare I’m finally waking up from.

The misery finally coming to an end.

The ghosts of my past finally vanishing.

The wounds finally healing.


One moment, that’s all it took.

For her to break down my walls I was hiding behind for so long.

For her to make me see the adventure I strayed away from.

For her to show me the beauty in life.

For her to believe in me.

For her to sew together my brokenness I’ve had for what feels like an eternity.

For her to make me feel wanted.

For her to love every inch of me in every way unimaginably possible.

For her to kiss away the scars I’ve grown so close to.

For her to desire all of my imperfections.

For her to show me all the never ending possibilities in this life we are building, the family we are building.


One moment, that’s all it took.

For me to fall in love with her.  

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