Ever notice how you automatically hate your significant other’s ex?
And, you’ve never met them.
And you probably never will.

But you know what they look like because you’re a stalker
and you also pressure them into saying that they think she’s pretty
And then you get mad at them for saying it

But why do we hate her?
Why do we know what car she drives?
Where she grew up.
What they got her for her birthday…

Why do we hate them?

Even if she didn’t cheat on them or break their heart.
Even if she’s gorgeous, or not.
Talented, or not.
Into video games and pizza and blonde and 100 pounds of muscle

We hate them…


Because they took something from us

So, we’re jealous.

They’ve bought flowers for other girls before.
They’ve surprised others at work, gone to the same movie theater, bought similar jewelry…

So for a moment,
we meet this person and realize that their entire existence isn’t all about us.

Now, I hope this amuses you, because it’s ok to acknowledge that you may or may not have these crazy tendencies.
I do too.

But take a step back and realize…
You’re mad at them for having a life before you, just as you have had one before him…
And let’s be honest, you’ll have one after him too.

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