People say that love is patient and also kind.

Everyone is so in love with the idea of love, but they don’t understand the messiness of love at all.

Love breaks peoples hearts.

Love is arguments, disagreements, tears.

It’s putting two fragile souls together to, not repair the other but to simply not mend our souls alone.

Love is company.

And that’s what happened with her.

She is broken.

She is loaded with stories of her past that shaved her into a lost and torn soul.

She has loved and has cried over the loss of love.

She had her own mess she grew from.

She is not just a shattered heart.

But she is that brown eyed woman who has wasted tears on those who couldn’t hold her love.

She is quiet and tame because her past wouldn’t let her explain her story.

She is strong but was too busy holding together the wrong hearts.

She is confident but still finding her way alone while continuing to keep her head up.

She is the inspiration we all seek for.

She is the smile that can never be forgotten, permanently sketched in my mind like a tattoo.

She is that contagious laugh that I never want to stop listening to,

Because I found that just her simple laugh was my favorite sound I have ever heard.

She is the person I wake up to from her multiple alarms and still manages to have me hold her longer even if it is only for “5 more minutes”.

She is the 5’8” woman who is a sucker for being the small spoon.

She is that unapologetic introvert because she wants to hear my story.

She is that breath of fresh air I will never want to stop inhaling or else breathing is just a meaningless void.

She is the good morning texts and the late night phone calls.

She is the drunk conversations and the fights.

She is the animal lover because she needs to spread her love to more than just her familiarities, humans.

She is the military electrician that chooses to keep her feet on the ground because she has created her roots.

She is a broken soul that is still finding her way while piecing her shattered parts back together even if she’s missing a few.

She is that human I never want to turn my back on.

She is the last voice I want to hear before going to sleep, just so I can dream about her.

She isn’t perfect but she makes me feel perfect.

She has a heart that is rare to find, crushed but still functional and also made of gold. 

She is worth all the time in the world.

The diamond in the rough.

She is you.

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