Time has a funny way of showing us our life. 

Time shows us how fractured we once were and still are.

We got so used to dancing with other people’s demons,

We forgot what our own demons look like.

That’s the funny thing about time, 

It leaves behind what we thought was stolen from us, but reality is we constantly had blood in our eyes.

Blood from fighting and dancing with demons, but while dancing we have to ask ourselves,

“Who’s leading?”

Who is leading this wicked dance? 

We all have been seeing red for so long, 

We have lost the value of time.

How precious it is. 

We can ask to go back to simpler times, but time can’t grant us that wish.

And that’s the weakness of mine I well came to regret.

A fantasy that will never be my reality because while the blood still knows its way to my brain,

I still let the demons lead our dance.

Once I came to realize this it was too late.

I have never-ending ties that bind to these torturous creatures.

I can’t simply exorcise them away,

They became apart of me.

Making me feel like I was not meant for this world any longer. 

I lost all meaning behind any other emotion except for pain.


That’s the funny thing about time,

We always lose track of it when we’re too busy dancing with the demons in our head.

It’s a mystical design I can never explain,

But it’s time that creates it and then makes us forget how long of it we spent with our demons.

The darkness turns to a noise we can never stop or pause.

Evil always has a way of creeping back in.

Nightmares we will never forget. 

Time has made us lose sight of the most important thing we all are searching for…

The origin of love,

Which is what time takes away as well. 


We all may think that we were preassigned a cosmic lover,

But time made us dance with our demons for too long.

Now we can’t help but wonder if that’s our fate. 

Dancing with demons for the rest of our lives.

Playing the same old noise over and over again.


That’s the funny thing about time,

It makes us come to understand that the stranger dancing with fallen angels has always been ourselves.

The stranger that was blinded by the torment,

The stranger that made us lose all hope of love. 

This stranger made us all lose time and made us become a misfit in our own mind.

That same stranger is waiting silently for us to understand, but never lose that piece of ourselves. 

That’s when time gives us the opportunity to go and find our Alice to our madness.

It’s when we come to understand we’re stronger than our demons. 

That’s when time will let us live on a little longer.

That’s when the demons will quiet, but never leave.

But just remember, 

Time is the most valued thing and it can easily be taken away,

Just like love.

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