The most heart breaking thing is to know that being torn apart by your past will never be fixed.

And being torn with the wounds that still cut deep will never let you have a happy future.

The tears will fall and the bleeding will continue that’s when you know you were never good enough.

The broken pieces of not just your heart, but your soul will never mend. There will always be scars that will reopen very easily with just one scratch.

Constantly searching for help, someone to repair the damage…

Hoping that you will find your happy ending and when you think you have found your happiness the wounds are torn open again by the walls that slowly started to come down.

The trust that was built will be burned and the darkest of thoughts fill your mind.

Corrupted by the darkest thoughts that will send you into the spiral you fought so hard to escape from.

That’s when you realize that your fate is sealed no matter how valiantly you fought, or at least thought you did, for love.

Now that you see your fate, the tears that you shed are just the painful reminder of something that can never be.

So you run like the coward you are and lay in the emptiness you tried so hard to avoid.

And when you finally get to the end of your story you see that you were destined for emptiness in your heart and a shattered soul, something that you will never be able to repair.

Love is painful, but true love is the hell you try so hard to stay away from.

Lost, alone, and dead is all you’ll ever feel inside because that, my dear, is the price you’ll pay if you seek love or a happy ending.

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