We are pulled by cognitive biases and perception awareness/reactions limitations into finding what we’re looking for. You will not find a happy job where people are nice to you if you are looking for a shitty job where everyone is dildos; it might be right in your lap, you won’t see it. We even rationalize and push our conclusions from just being expectations into being self-fulfilling prophecies with our behaviors. The foundation of all this is belief. Emotion invested into thought and paradigm. If you don’t believe in something you won’t see it, if you do believe in something you’ll be pulled to it and you’ll help create it. So I ask what do you want to believe?

We exist in this reality as clashing and coalescing with actuality. Our perceptions are faulty, simplified from objectivity, and heavy with emotional bias so to ease old pains and a complicated reality that would’ve kept our ancestors too perplexed or bothered to fuck and exist. Accept this if you want to move forward into designing what you truly want.

What you currently have is a product of what you want. Maybe you don’t like it or maybe it flat out fucking sucks. But you’re telling the universe, through your behavior, that this is what you want. Own your bullshit, don’t let it own you. Only with that clarity can responsibility go from someone else’s shame to your prowess.

Since you find what you believe in, awareness and hedonism insists upon this new knowledge that you question and revamp what you believe in. You believe what the fuck you’ve been fucking told. We are herd beasts, we are so 98% subconscious beings, and you are a beaten dog of your environment’s heartless thrashings. You didn’t think of most of what you are, the illusion of freewill is romantic and is comforting and sells a lot of bullshit plus puts most monsters in power. Thats the machine you’re working with, string that harp right though and you’ll be a reawaken god if you want it so. Catching all of your bullshit is the only way to begin threading this meat-popsicle into the fabric of the impossible. There are rules for shifting reality that the normal state of mind and of human don’t want to know, and are afraid of existing. Change what you believe recklessly.

Currently what you’re doing, fuckall I don’t care what, is out of fear and crazy to a significant degree. Let’s deconstruct that so we may use the senses of existing to build what we truly want. Fear is silly because pain is life and loss is a myth since ownership is a human myth-we are part of one system and it all belongs, littering doesn’t matter to the earth and death is part of life. Now crazy is fun… because you know you’re crazy, you know shit doesn’t make sense. You’d have to be crazy no to realize that. And if you believe that good will towards men and the ppl in charge care and a big old douche canoe in the sky has a plan… well then you’re using your crazy for someone else’s paycheck, and I hate you, dumbass. But you’re still crazy, so grab that crazy you’re all running. We’re gunna need it.

As we’ve deconstructed fear, the myth of your mind being not-flawed and things making sense, and now we’ve got our crazy by the reins, now my friends we have some leverage on the flow of things. How do you want to feel and what world do you want to exist in? Fantasize, grab what you hate and get creative and fabulous in imagining the polar opposite, think of scenarios you’ve always dreamed of or watched or envied. Now, this is actually a Buddhist activity I figured out when I was really stoned and 19, take that scenario in your mind and allow yourself to feel that viscerally as if it were a memory, a certainty. Breath in that for a minute or five, just feel it and count a dozen details or so. Now, remove
the thought but keep the feeling. Here is your carat, the world and your subconscious and your human existence are your horse.

The way all his gets moving is you imagine,”what if it worked?” and you reverse engineer this feeling being the rule and the world being freely abundant. All the money and the stuff and the good faith and help of your fellow hooman is accessible in his scenario. How do you get to success place? Name where you wanna be freely and walk your walk from there back to here and now, keep abundance and your newly created feelings as the gas, the atmosphere, the vibe and momentum. This is a fun game, enjoy overcoming your old bullshit story and writing a new one; no fret nor time limits.

A big thing here is deserving and resentments. Hating other ppl is fucking fine, a lot of people are assholes. But hating them and then not letting yourself have money or power or love or anything because those assholes have it… that’s motherfucking stupid. That’s actively being a loser, don’t do that; I like you more than that. Deserving is a huge cue because if you don’t deserve it then you’ll stop working towards it. This is your universe, you are god experiencing life

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