Fighting the storm takes different approaches and when you’re stuck in one battle filled with defensiveness and fear, with self-deprecation sinking in and thoughts of cowardice and self-loathing seething in from all directions… you need to step back and try a different approach. Once you have defined the storm(that can be Im depressed or Im worthless or I cant’t do this, anything impossible) as unbeatable and inherently bigger than you, that is when a new angle of battle is required because DEFINITIVELY you cant do the impossible just like you cant make fire not hot. There are clever ways to change all the little details defeating you, putting you into a defeatist mode, and by doing this you must allow yourself to realize that that one little play is victory in a bitesize. Build it to a full meal and feed your soul then feed the world.

As a person becomes lost and defeated, it is not the giant pains which keeps one down but the broken little working bits that make us up and hold them as dysfunctional. The panic over time, the constant stream of critical thoughts, the normalized slurs and shitty outlook, and the unnoticed absence of positive and joyful, wonderful thoughts and precise functioning. It is key to look at the little picture, just like practice makes perfect and jumping at a giant wave when youve never been surfing will destroy you, that you allow each tiny victory to count as huge and important. That’s literally the most important thing, letting go of some idea of huge loss and letting the theme of impossible go away for just a moment to be happy.

Seeing the best in people is overcoming a negative outlook, allowing the wonder in your heart to be more real and more important than the reaction to pain is how you plant and sow those seeds to bloom. Trusting the world to be bigger and better, than acting on and calling on that better will make the tree fruit. It’s not just about not giving in, but about creating positive thoughts and goals then moving towards them instead of panicking or giving up. Allow yourself to recognize that believing in something good is how you defeat your bullies and trauma, put into current action.

Grasping that our understanding of time is a huge impactful ideal in success or failure turns every key we’ve got. As one rushes, goes too slow, or plans incorrectly comes a belief and holding of time being one way instead of accurately seeing what’s present then making a plan that fits. This huge, and huge in the way that falling back into old critique or boo’ing determination because luckier people suggested it works; direly and essentially. To fall into old shit critique that has been proven wrong from the past is blowing off your ankles because you don’t like your toenail color. Shitting on good advice from successful people because they may have been luckier or better of than you is choosing resentment over wisdom and growth. The same growth and release is present when you battle your storm with shitty time management; it seems small and can go unseen but its the basis for everything else.

Letting go of the pain your mind jumps to remembering and then reaching for the joy IS beating IS fixing IS victory in its purest form. Take the moments of now as realest be comfortable and present in whats here and let go of being stuck in the defensiveness of past bullshit as most important. Creating thoughts you want is you fixing the problems that part of your mind and past cant seem to get past, a different angle is the real solution not getting hyphy to ram your face against a brick wall. Each little win is an epic and huge win, believing that is the most epic win.

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