In order to have a fulfilling life, one must be able to wonder. Introducing new ideas, breaking old molds, inspirations and challenges all require wonder. Stagnation, festering, circular loathing all require a lack of wondering or are terrified of wondering. Consider a child without wonder and a scientist without wonder trying to explain how to be excited about life to each other; a block is instantly newly present. There’s surely ways and conversations but without striking into something new, there’s something certainly missing. I want to remind you to use wonder properly.

The unknown is not wonder, but the raw and unadulterated material which wonder or worry and thought then animates. When we learn, we take old ideas and form new applications by putting them together or trying different approaches to new problems. This is allowing wonder to be our next step and our benefit. If we are stuck trying to solve a chemistry problem that requires organic chemistry knowledge when we haven’t read past stoichiometry, we are cutting off that wonder could benefit us by looking for more. Being stuck on failure expectations is a misuse of wonder and a lack of imagination, staring into impossible as if it is an endless abyss when its just a wall and we’re not opening the door next to it. Properly trusting and enjoying wonder is a great way to get out of ruts and fear to enter bigger, better things. In order to chase dreams we must believe comfortably in wonder to enter the world with the stars we wish upon.

The world always has more than the human brain can hold at once, so wonder is key in that wonder is respecting simple truths of existence. We cannot know everything, trying to create presumptions and projections is pretentious and denial of wonder which does create errors in abilities, capacity, relationships and awareness. As we are afraid wonder is being stolen from us, defensiveness inherently lacks wonder where imagination and the purest joy(that which is derived from finding meaning) use wonder as that fuel; at the same time, the fearful don’t have an empty gas tank rather they are not embracing wonder. Lacking wonder is an improper grasp of it since wonder is always readily available, just look for it and like the sky it will be there and surrounding you endlessly.

Imbue wonder into the world you wish to exist upon, please. Allow yourself to be drawn into something new and wonderful, not on accident but intentionally. Embrace the force, let go of the idea of separation between you and your perception of the world, realize that this singular moment and feeling is the absolute epicenter of importance and validity in the whole universe just like every single other one, and run with the wonder all that creates as the ether that this reality and your consciousness exists within always.

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