The idea behind emotional alchemy is that we can take emotions from situations in our mind and tie them into situations in our lives to shift our experiences for the better. It can be used to refocus our emotions, to create fluency, to channel enthusiasm and garner more fluent collaboration; it is a notion of greater control and actualization in one’s life with one’s emotions. Emotional alchemy has an element of you attract the right play when you become the right character, a more ambiguous pull into the wild blue yonder with trust in situations changing for the better when we simply change ourselves. Or, imagine the scenario and theme it feels like in the right play to pull the best character out of yourself.

A main foundation of emotional alchemy is mindfulness, and not just counting and checking your thoughts but identifying and looking at the trajectory of your emotions. As one must become more aware of the thoughts they keep in order for one to properly set, keep, and pursue goals, one must also become more aware of their emotions. Inventory taken often and restocked properly for fluency is the verb here. Practicing mindfulness of one’s emotions is the stretching, eating, sleeping, and showing up to work that emotional alchemy requires to function.

In Buddhism they teach that one can remember a happy moment in one’s life, vividly and in-depth quite easily. They say to stare at how that moment feels after one has revisited the sensations recorded. This is like going from how beautiful a sunset was, a first kiss felt, the rush of the sky when parachuting, the freedom of graduation, and then separating that emotion from the experience and memory; then one has pure feeling in hand. I figured this out myself in weird meditations I did to isolate my wavelengths, so lots of ways are possible. The main trick is to stare at emotions abstractly from experience so that you can begin to play with them, you are a character with habits that are just actions and emotions you keep repeating.

When we enter any given new situation, the brain projects and presumes because it wants to know what’s going on and what’s dangerous and most importantly it wants to do the least work possible; efficiency and safety. Key in emotional alchemy is to realize that your brain is doing that on autopilot, that by doing that you’re influencing your experience and the thoughts and actions and emotions available holstered and loaded around you. What is “real” is what you perceive because that is what you experience BUT since you know that now, you can push old good vibes onto new places. The emotional state of mind one keeps constant cannot be healthy if its always looking for new things to make it happy, the world is random and that’s a recipe for pain and inconsistency. You get to pick what you plant your emotional anchor at even though things around you may feel different. Plant yourself and deal with the world as a show, but chose the show curtain you want to put on.

So emotional alchemy is when you take the light switch on feeling, that trust of when you press a light switch the light will go on, into a new situation in front of you; to create confidence solid instead of pretentiously. Emotional alchemy is when you look at the best day you could have, every in imagination, and you hold that vibe as your anchor to influence the day and thoughts about you here and now. Emotional alchemy is inserting the vibe and theme of when you went to Disneyland as a 5 year-old into a shitty day because you trust and know that great things can show up anytime and anywhere if you dig the world right. Emotional alchemy is about harnessing the impact you have on the world, your life, through intentionally directing your own emotional subconscious and the winds which are kept about you naturally.

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