There is this cold, dark room.

Inside that cold, dark room is a window.

A window that only looks out into the distance of nothingness.

Outside that window, is nothing but a gloomy emptiness and all you can hear is the heavy pitter patter of the rain,

Violently hitting against the glass.

In that cold dark room you start to feel that same emptiness surround you.

“Is this what I feel everyday?” You think to yourself.

As you think, in this room appears a mirror.

In that mirror what is staring back at you?

Your happiness getting torn away from you?

Your demons looking back at you?

The cuts reopening, blood slowly draining from your arms as your soul slowly fades away?

You turn away to only find that you are standing in a puddle of your own blood that is leaving your veins.

You look back out the window shouting for help, but you know deep down not a single person will hear your cries.

As you sit on the floor in this cold, dark room dying…

You have come to realize that there is no one coming and all you hear is your heart start to beat slower and slower.

In that moment you no what you have to do…

The only choice you have left…

Get up even though your body is weak from the lack of blood pulsing through your veins,

Cover those fresh, reopened wounds,

Shatter the mirror where those demons are staring back at you,

Burst through that window into the pouring rain and tell yourself,

“Everything is going to be okay because I am my own hero. I slayed my demons and I conquered that cold, dark room.”

I was in that room once,

I’ve felt the weakness in my body,

The blood draining from me.

I shattered those demons,

Bursted through that window.

I did that.

I am my own hero.

What will you do in your cold, dark room?

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