Have you ever wanted to be better but you didn’t have a very defined better in mind to shoot for, so you just kept kicking yourself and feeling disappointed? Do you know for a fact what the best action in a situation is, but you find yourself staying your path. So we’re going to stop being fucking idiots today and Im going to teach something I put together that has changed a few dozen people’s lives; read this and we’re going to actualize your better bits and dreams into actionable and available tools. The idea behind super hero therapy is to properly design a character who you admire and would look up to, then to ask them advice on the regular and to use them as an example for helping plan out your day and take the bigger, best next step in life.

First off, think of six friends you admire in a way which you wish was more present in your life and that always makes you feel more comfortable and able. Identify the elements or values or whatever it is about each of these friends that you wish to see more of in your life, and which encourages you. Cool, now you have the basis for your superhero. Make them look neato and give them a voice, they need that and you need to fully design a character for it to have gravity and impact you.

Next, take six people you look up to in the Universe; literature included. Do the same thing here but since they’re not friends it will be more of a lauded element or value so make sure to nail down some examples of their actions that reflect these. Now show the rest of those things into this person. The idea is to make a super version of you which could all the things you want to… so the final step is to stab out a handful of things that piss you off about the world. Take this step wearily, we don’t want to bash on things but we simply want to identify problems. A handful can be three or five but take these things and answer yourself the simple question,”what’s the opposite behavior of this?” and that’s the bit of chemical X for your personal powerpuff girl.

Finally, you need to name them. It needs to mean something, so take time googling Hebrew or Russian or w/e words or look up mythology. Zero Nemo, Taizishio Cloud, Charlie Malick, are my favorite examples that I recall off hand. Once you have named this figure, now you need to start asking them questions to plan your day and your week. Planning is essential to living an actualized life, what are your goals and how are you going to achieve them? Asking your own personal superhero will enormously benefit this process, I wish you the best of luck and I know you can do it.

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