when americas foudnaing fathers said this is the land of the free and all men are created equal, they did what all bullies have done which is rob other weaker people, talk shit on the bullies they’d escaped, then rationalize and title their bullshit as if it doesnt smell with words and phrasing far from realistic and often insanely hypocritical. So for the sake of fuck all that noise, lets examine what true freedom looks like.

when one rebels effectively they stop being abused or hurt. when one internalizes abuse and weakness they become defensive and crippled intellectually, finanically, emotionally, socially, and in their class and societal sense. it is paramount to not let this happen because this world is full of bullies who have made the system at hand bullying then added legal bullshit and rhetoric to rationalize their bs. So dont do this. ok good.

how does one effectively rebel?

how can one check themselves for internalized defensive weakness?
how doe sone let go of those weaknesses?
whats common rationalizations here?

whats an accurate state to see the world as if you’re neither rebelling nor defensive but truly free.

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