What holds us back? It is our poor rationale derived from abuse. We were hurt or lied to and trauma makes it stick as rule. This detracts from us as conscious beings having access to abundance and freedom and joy. We must let go of these anchors, but how? There’s a myriad of options, so don’t count other suggestions and methods as incorrect if you fabricate some or learn others, but I have a couple that have worked.

You don’t have to save anyone and you fucking cant. There is the possibility of helping other when they directly ask and, I cannot stress this enough, when their requests make some real life fucking sense. When a person is stuck in a loop on psychedelics, they’re running through unanswerable questions. With ptsd, a person is stuck in an impossible moment that fucked them up, that fear is king in their mind’s realm. You cannot help someone out of this but you can destroy yourself trying. Be helpful, by that I mean give measurably real assistance. Don’t give a crackhead some crack and don’t console someone who is obsessing over nonsense that their nonsense is real. Give them a sweater and treat them like they matter, but dont feed their madness.

Being poor is an American sin and our country is bred, brainwashed, and fucked up to make us worship the rich; this doesn’t make any sense. Stepping outside the bullshit dogma there is essential, ESSENTIAL to living a full and rewarding life. Being born poor doesn’t make you bad and being born rich doesn’t make you good. Having more stuff doesn’t make you good. Enjoying your life, defining your life, and creating meaning in this world with the other hooomans will be fruitful. Let go of things attached to stuff, to resenting rich people, to judging poor people. You are either a foreigner or you’re doing this. I studied marketing and cognitive biases with Stanford and Berkeley Phd’s, that’s how this country works and the brain lies to itself. Catch that shit. Learn from the successful and treat the homeless and junkees like people who had bad luck. Please let go of the bullshit “pull yourself up from your bootstraps” bullshit. That euphemism originally meant trying to do something impossible and wasting your life… America has entrapped it into our “American dream”, the one you have to be asleep to believe. The best jobs do very little work but are highly educated, and not scholastically. Go read books and follow smart folks.

Decide what memories you hold onto. This is inarguably the best strategy I have for you and will flare out into your personal story’s theme. If I obsessed on a Thai child who was raped to death five minutes ago for the rest of my life, I would live horribly. That did surely just happen, but it serves no one for me to think that way. What we think about and what thoughts we give weight to define how we feel and our own personal momentum. Learn to see what weight your thoughts have and where they pull you, this is mindfulness and watching your thoughts as objects instead of inherently part of you. Pick the thoughts you want, by merit of what propels you and serves you best. Remember that only a powerful you can help the world where as an angry or sad you will simply wallow and be gallows company to those in pain or in a world in pain. Believe in a better future by thinking of one, and as you believe in it make it real by working towards it.

I want to leave you with the mind as a ship. You are not your mind but you are piloting your ship. The ideas you give worth are the waters and winds you enter. How you see yourself is the body of your ship. All of these things are malleable at a moments notice, but it gets harder with longer invested habit and with stronger emotion and weight to each thought. You are ALWAYS in complete control of this, and if it seems impossible then look for help. The human brain is a complicated machine, doesn’t mean you don’t always have control just means it isn’t simple. Nothing really good ever is, but your highest life is achievable and I believe in you. For all the dinners with Jack’s students that have pushed me forward and for the wonder it has done for me to formulate this, I believe in you.

unless you’re an asshole. Then don’t do any of this and go fix your bullshit.

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