So we live in our own perception of possibilities, expectations, limits and likelihoods, right?
Our experience and what is validated, passively or actively, is the basis for our rationale to this perception. What’s real is limited to what’s perceived and what is available is limited to what our rationale will allow. But we control all of that, when you get down to the nitty-gritty. Nobody else is in our head saying,”well your mom got mad at this when you were seven so don’t ever do that stuff” and we are personally, intimately controlling what actions we continue to take. I suggest we question those rules and possibilities, and I stand strong at the fact that until a person does this, they will not live their own life but a reactionary dance of petty restriction and unclaimed wonder.

Now, for the cheap-seats, who told me that I should feel shameful when I don’t get perfect scores or impress people? Who told you that you’re not good enough to date Elon Musk or rewrite AI code? There’s an answer to these questions. It is more indirect and along the lines of circumstances led you to believe that. But you are in control as soon as you want to be. Fear isn’t the only thing holding people back from greatness and happiness; it’s trying things that are new and that nobody else put them in school for. Go create the life you fucking want, and do it because you want it. All the best reasons for things were made up by somebody. Go be somebody who fulfills their life.

The rationale is harder to put in check. It’s in our little behaviors; how we hold ourselves when we talk and when we don’t, how we look at people when they enter a room, the reasoning why we see our next step, and why we reject assignments or adventures and why we don’t think,”yeah, I am that awesome so I should lead the rocket ship team to Mars”. What is real is what we fucking make real, the rationale humans keep is logic from past experiences. What’s worse is that its natural, neuroscience and cognitive biased, for the brain to tell you that you figured out this logic; the brain casually lies to make things more comfortable and stick to old fit paths. To be something fully actualized, you must make new paths; in life, in career, in romance, in personality, in your mind.

Shifting your life into gear means accessing your limits, your rationale and then creating new in order to be real. This requires bravery in the form of admitting and accepting fears have been present, so that you may conquer them. This requires cunning that you must tell yourself you have even though you don’t think you’re THAT bright; and then making it happen to make it real. This requires doing what you want in the face of bullshit from your past, your abuse, your trauma’s, from the sensationalism and polarized bullshit this world floods us with. To be more, you need to do more, ask for more. The solid truth behind this is that you inherited this whole Earth, and every amazing human ever is your genetics somewhere, you get everything as soon as you fucking claim it. The past is holding you back because you haven’t written the future and started sticking to that new script.

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