They told me what I have to do to win.

But, I’m too scared to lose myself and everything I represent.

I’m too scared to face the truth and every moment alive I’ve spent.

And there’s no blaming anybody else

cause this was the direction I chose and went.

i’m just so tired of feeling so worthless…

I feel so lonely and lost

I just wanna give up and forget about all this earth mess…

It’s like everybody around me has it all figured out without feeling no stress.

Or maybe they just know how to hide it better

or maybe it’s me and i just don’t know how to live.

I wanna be happy for them

But, there’s no happiness in me to give…

I’m trying my best to stay strong

But, all this depression in me is just so heavy for me to lift.

I don’t know how I made it this far

But, I thank God everyday for this wonderful life I call a gift…


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