Everyone is always so excited for what is next.

You’re excited for the first day of school, but by 3:05 that afternoon, you can’t wait for the last.

What is more exciting, the first day of school or the last?

Planting the seed or watching the flower bloom?


We spend so much time,

so much money…

We spend so much time, money and energy into planning this “party”

We invite people who we think won’t come, but do.

We invite people who end up leaving without saying goodbye.

And some we invite that follow with a trail of tears.

But here we are, spending all of this time preparing for this party.

You’re buying food that you think EVERYONE will like.

Shopping for the perfect outfit- looking up makeup tutorials,

practicing what you’re going to do with your hair & how you’re going to pose for pictures.


You go through all of this preparation and planning just to clean it all up after;

just to take off all of the makeup.

So now, your party is nothing but a few photos of you and a couple of people that won’t even make it to the next party.

A couple of people that won’t talk to you or about you, after the party.

And then there will be a couple of people who will remember it always.


Sometimes, we spend too much time planning for things rather than actually enjoying them.

We get too caught up in what we’re wearing rather than what we’re actually doing.

Who cares who left early?

At least they came.

It was fun while it lasted.

We wait so long for the flower to bloom that we never even stop to appreciate the process of its growth.

All of the progress it made!

We get so fixated on the final result that we forget how we got there.


Remember the car ride to the beach.

Remember standing in line to meet Demi Lovato.

Remember waiting for Jack to cancel class.

If there is no time in between, no leading up to the finale…

you’d just be the last VHS of the Titanic with no story… (do any of you even know what a VHS tape is/that Titanic took up three of them?)


All of your favorite movies where the girls gets the guy or the girl turns into a vampire or he admits to being a father… they’d all just be clips!

Do not make your life into a frican scrap book!

I don’t want you to remember snap shots, I want you to remember the drive!

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