I can’t believe that, 

You’re the reason I’m dying inside. 

The reason I want to commit suicide. 

You’re the reason everyday is so hard. 

This depression is getting worse. 

Everyday I’m trying so hard not to burst. 

My hearts broken & all you do is sit there & laugh. 

Reminding me of all the pain I had from my past. 

You’re the reason why I’m breaking apart. 

People say, “That tomorrow will be a new day.”

But why? 


Why try to smile when all I want to do is cry? 

You said you loved me, but now I think that was a fucking lie. 

Now all I have left to say to you is goodbye. 


Goodbye to our moments, good times, & laughs. 

Goodbye to thinking you were the one. 

Realizing now that we’re done. 

Done with all the hope & faith I put into us. 

Goodbye is what we need to do so I can forget about you & move on. 

Everyday will be hard, but I’ll push through because all I can do is, 

Hold my head up high and pretend that I’m fine. 

But there’s no deny that I’ll still love you. 

Saying goodbye is something we both need to do.

I’m sorry. 


I’m sorry for whatever shit I did wrong. 

I’m sorry for whatever pain I put you through. 

I swear it won’t happen again because now you’re gone. 

I’m sorry I was just another piece to your fucked up game.

You fooled me into me believing we fucking had something. 

I’m sorry for fighting for you. 

I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough to stop you from leaving. 

I’m sorry I had you thinking I was fucking perfect. 

Now you know that I’m not. 

Is that why you left? 

These tears keep falling for you & all I have to say is I’m sorry. 

I’m sorry for loving you. 

I’m sorry for hoping you’d stay. 

Soon you’ll get someone to make you happy,  

Day after day. 

And I’ll be here, 

Still trying to piece myself back together, 

But I swear to you.  

I swear to always be happy for you,

No matter how hopeless I feel inside.

I’ll try not to let this pain eat me alive. 

I’ll try & move on so you can strive, 

To do greater things & I promise I’ll be happy for you. 

Happiness is key right? 


If only you knew how much you meant to me. 

How much it tears me apart to think that you were my ride or die. 

You left me here bleeding & calling out for you. 

Now these tears that keep falling from my eyes are all I have left of you. 

Knowing it’s not meant to be. 

Yeah, it hurts. 

The pain cuts deep but I’m still fucking trying to persevere. 

No matter how long it takes, 

I’ll still try to appear to be happy. 

Even if I live in fear,

That this emptiness inside will hold me back from finding myself. 


I broke myself apart. 

I’ve torn every last piece of me because of you.

Now I’m thinking to myself I’ll never get through to you. 

To show you this love I have is true.  


Now that I’m gone, 

Never forget that my love for you will never fade. 

I know I paid the price of loving you, 

But I still do. 

And for that I know this apology will never be enough but I am truly sorry. 


Over time I have thought to myself that ‘This can’t be the end.’ 

Knowing that you were my only friend. 

The one that kept me sane, 

I know I was the one to blame. 


As these years go by 

You’re now staring to fade. 

Fade into the darkness I call my past. 

Hoping that this pain will be over fast. 


Time and time again I try to deny,

What was never rightfully mine. 

All I know is that this is a sign,

To move on and leave you behind. 

Because now that I have found purpose in this life, 

More than just my blood on a knife. 

Now I can finally say, 

That these scars will fade and fade away. 

Fool me once shame me once shame on me,

But fool me twice and now I know it was never meant to be. 

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