PTSD, anxiety, depression, emptiness, loneliness…

These are just a few things that have to be kept away. 

Locked away inside of a box buried deep down, along with your past. 

But once that boxed is opened, it’s too late. 

It’s kinda like putting the genie back in the bottle after using your three wishes. 

All the hopes and dreams you’ve ever wanted… Gone. 

Then some people find that light at at the end of the tunnel. 

You’ve been so wrapped up in chasing what you wanted but instead found what you needed. 

It wasn’t that light helping you it was those who have been cheering you on. 

Supporting you in the darkest of times. 

Crying by your side when you thought everything has faded along with the past. 

That box of feelings is still there, opened and making you feel like you’re the weakest person in the world. 

But the reality of it all is,

You’re human, you have reasons to be torn down…

Think all hope is lost and that faith along with trust has deserted you. 

How much work it took to piece yourself back together. 

Scar after scar those aren’t defeats of a battle you didn’t win…

It’s those wounds that are a symbol of courage, strength, dignity. 

Scars that should be worn proudly because sometimes that second shot at life,

Isn’t always going to be there. 

The burdens and brokenness are what’s going to remind you of your box and show you how far you’ve made it,

How much farther you can go. 

This battle is only the beginning. 

Are you ready to fight? To wear those scars with pride?

Prove to yourself that this life is worth living and you deserve every beautiful thing. 

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