Feeling broken and alone,

Continuously feeling the hands around my neck.

Feeling my body losing air,

While tears fall down my face.

Finally gasping and coughing struggling to breathe.

I break down; dropping to my knees,

Having the fear of another’s touch.

Suffering this PTSD alone, I gave up on myself.

I feel the blood leave my veins and the life start to fade.

Vaguely hearing ambulance sirens, faintly seeing lights.

In and out of consciousness,

I wake up in a hospital bed,

Realizing life gave me a second chance to seek my happiness.


That’s when my life got brighter.

Wounds continue to slowly heal,

Smiling doesn’t seem painful.

That feeling of being unwanted start to change.

I found him, the one that saved me from myself.

Holding me up when depression takes over,

Only suicide blinding me, showing me it’s my only way out.

The better half of me; Logan is love, he is patient.

He is my only kindness that I found in this dull world.

Overseeing the dark, he is my bright green light, overlooking the water.

Logan is my guidance to a more satisfying life,

Making me leave the broken down and alone girl in the past.

Developing into the woman I’m slowly coming to be.

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