Hello my name is Logan and I thank you for coming.

To start this off I want to say I love Cole so much, she was such a wonderful wife to me and an amazing mother to our kids.

Along with that she was an amazing daughter and friend.

Life took her from us too soon.

At 55 years old, the depression and insanity got too strong and overwhelming for her.

She was so powerful, strong, patient, and stubborn.

Cole knew how to keep pushing forward for everything she wanted for her family, friends, and left herself last.

She was such a hard-worker, the long nights night shifts she had as a nurse left her tired, but she knew how to come home with a smile.

I can still remember our wedding, she looked so beautiful, fearless walking down the aisle.

We always wanted to travel and she never said no to an adventure.

Cole always had a vision for new and unique creations.

She was always so willing to learn new things and see new places.

If she were here, Cole would tell all of us, “Death is just another adventure.”

And I’ll be counting down the days I can see her breathtaking smile again.

Sleep well my love, may all those dreams be peaceful.

May I see you again.

We all will forevermore have you in our hearts.

We will live on for you, in memory of you.

I will see you soon, this separation will never be goodbye.

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