Growing up I always liked girls.
For so long I thought that was normal. 
When I started understanding what LGBT was, I looked more into it. 
After looking into what pride was, I didn’t relate it to me. 
When I had my first kiss with a girl I was scared. 
Terrified of being “different” from any “normal” females. 
I knew I was gay. 
Once I had my first girlfriend I knew everyone would give me weird looks. 
I never thought I would get isolated by friends and beat up by strangers. 
Anytime I come home I covered my bruises and hid my pain. 
Scared to be who I knew I was, I watched my world go by. 
I saw myself falling apart. 
Finding that physically hurting myself was my outlet. 
Blood escaping my veins, tears falling down my face. 
I knew I couldn’t tell my friends or family. 
As the cuts got deeper, the more depressed I got. 
I lost myself, 
I felt like a broken record, 
Constantly spinning and slipping over all the good parts. 
The people I loved noticed my change and started asking questions, 
Questions I couldn’t answer. 
I felt so alone to the point I finally I reached my breaking point. 
I finally came out to everyone in my family. 
They all took it very bad, 
I was ignored, unwanted, and unvalued. 
That was when I wanted to die, 
I didn’t want to live anymore. 
Weeks and months went by
Finally my mom accepted me by telling me this, 
“Life goes on, happiness and love comes in all forms 
I love you for the strong woman you have grown to be. 
Liking the same sex isn’t right but your happiness is way more important to me.” 
So much weight fell from my shoulders. 
Tears of acceptance and love escaped my eyes. 
Now I am open about my sexuality, 
I am happy with who I become. 
Life has showed me to love myself and accept myself. 
Being yourself is the most important lesson I have learned. 
It’s okay to love the same sex,
It’s okay to be broken and fall apart.
You’re human, you’re beautiful and a unique creature. 
Remember who you are 
You will be called a faggot and will be unloved 
But find the strength you have 
And be yourself it’s okay. 

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