The sun doesn’t have to set for me to know it’s dark
My mind is a clock
A sun dial
It knows what time of day it is
Night time
It’s dark outside…and inside.
Depending on what kind of night it is, a certain portion of the moon is glowing.
A light
At the end of the tunnel.
A goal.
Sometimes that light is a full moon…
Nice and bright and clear to see no matter how dark it is. No matter what the circumstance.
Other times, all you see is black. Openness. Emptiness. Nothingness.

And that’s how you feel too…




The bright freckles in the sky fuel the fire in my veins.
If it never got dark,
If we never had bad days,
If we never closed our eyes,
We wouldn’t know what stars were.
We would never dream.
We would never appreciate the good days,
Or know what makes us feel better,
Sometimes you see best
In the dark…

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  1. Amazing ☺️????

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