Dear mom and dad,
Here I am
Over a year later
I, Jessica Lynn Aronin am alive and well.
But I need to tell you, just because I’m better doesn’t mean I’m cured.
Just because a flower blooms in the morning doesn’t mean it won’t close at night.
Just because it’s sunny today doesn’t mean it won’t rain tomorrow.
They name hurricanes after people for a reason.
They predict a storm: people either choose to evacuate or stay
The doctors give a diagnosis, parents/friends/family either choose to leave or stay. Ignore or support.
And the people that evacuate, they live happy lives. They rarely ever wonder how the people in X were effected by the storm. Who survived. How many bottles of water they have left. When school will start back up.
But the people that stay… that’s the hard part.
The people that stay, that sign up for something in which they know what they are getting into… they truly endure the storm. And they feel every fucking rain drop.
Every tear. Every drop of blood. Every pound lost or gained. Every eye roll. Every call out of work.
But they stay.
They endure
And they help
Dear mom and dad,
Thank you for staying when I didn’t even want to stay.
For supporting me when I couldn’t even support myself
For allowing me to remain independent but still checking on me.
I endured the storm, and I continue to endure at least a little rain every day.
But it would be much worse without you.
It would be much worse without an umbrella.

Love always, your Jessie

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