Apparently nothing matters. Stuff just is. Patterns exist because the human brain lies to itself to make itself feel better and that fucks things up. There are now patterns. Everything changes here and now! Expectations are void. Welcome to the now, let the past go. If you want something you gotta make it. There are no rules or cycles, just now and what is. Let go of the past. The need to have a stable of patterns and recurrences stems from fear. Freedom and mobile thought, magic, space pirates do not fear things, they create things. Writers are almost free, but lazy, and kind of more free.

What we give ourselves is what we are able to see of the world. This isn’t exactly TO say actuality directly reflects what we believe or seek. The mind sees only a small portion of actuality, that’s a person’s reality. We will miss what we’re not able to see just as we will grow what we seek.

At the base of a thought or paradigm is an emotionality to its intentionality. That is what a person exists in and filters reality with at the most essential level. It’s what one returns to and what one pushes.

Putting these two concepts and one sees that they change their outside circumstances most effectively and effortlessly by checking and balancing what they treat themselves with. Human homeostasis will fight and resist change subtly, true shift takes checking between the lines and getting rid then gaining new. The brain goes the route of least effort naturally because lazy and efficiency are quite parallel. Shifts take new motion and rocking your own boat.

The shift is most readily hindered by defensiveness and environmental influx. A person’s emotional expectations aren’t from shooting stars. If they stay in a certain environment that made them feel and think a particular way then that pressure will continue to push on them if they stay there. This is people, relationships, views, routes, all kinds of things are tied to emotional programming.

The defensiveness will attack, judge, and try to escape. Notice these patterns and find a person living in rejection of themselves, cognitive dissonance. Noticing yourself doing this is a big tricking the ego, looking between the lines at the nose on your own face. Step outside yourself and watch your actions, your actions to others, and your actions to yourself. Don’t seek patterns or self abusive talk, but set to see first.

The whole point is to love yourself. We can’t change the world if we can’t change ourselves. When the intentionality is honest love to ourselves then we will see shift. If we can honestly analyze ourselves without judgment but appreciation and earnest then we will see the world checking itself and we will push that.

It takes an act of design. A persona and a life is defined by not only values but its interaction with its setting. How we are love and are loved, how the world responds to us and how we respond to the world just as how we see and give to the world as it sees and gives to us. These are all essential elements of design that come out in single steps the brain likes to call patterns. The next step is always free just as what we want takes design before it can be recognized and exist. Accidents are one in a million and obsessions are toxic, create the pattern that best fits ones truest heart and flow forward with appreciation.

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