As a person is mentally invested in something, they can see themselves doing said thing and considering it worthwhile. This means a sense of self, a plan or script of what they’d like to be doing, and deliberate values. So very common and very sad is it to see in our society a rushed lifestyle and a half invested soul. Let’s talk about that and not fucking do it.

There is mirror somewhere near you. Go look at it. We are consciousness having a human experience, a human intervention even. Life is an interpretation of reality. You get to pick how the human in that mirror is created, constructed, and behaves. You get to write their story and change its flow as much as you want. There will need be shifts in things around it to achieve fuller story improvements or new adventures, but it is free. That person in the mirror is who you define them. The favorite definition you can give is who you really are, and you need to figure that our. Risking living a lie is a fate worth than death, because death will come but life can pas us by.

To be mentally present and real, get into the moment and let go of the past. As we consider this moment important, full of bliss and worth, are we forced to fully examine what makes us happy, sad, and what we consider to matter. You are here and now, so this is important. You are perfect exactly as you are because it is real. No ideas of greater or lesser or some fantasy of another life really fucking matter. You have conscious control of this and that’s the coolest part of anything. This moment is what you truly love because you’re really here. That’s the most one can love something, to be present. Accepting that is the only way to make an honest shift. The alternative is living as a pretense, in judgment of misplaced and inappropriate standards.

Invest your heart and mind in yourself so that you feel excited and gifted to have them. Invest your conscious thought in yourself so you get excited to make them a gift to the world. Realize this is the best, the most you will ever have so it is you highest need to enjoy it. As you can imagine yourself being happy, only can you be so happy. So, think it up. Create the reality you want and begin either living that way or moving towards it. The way you want to feel, the way you want to be treated, the way you want others to treat you, what you create; all of these are your freedoms, duties and gifts.

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