Life is ridiculous. Humanity contradicts itself by existence, there must be power and dominance enough to create space for kindness while life will always eat life. The rules we have which make sense are circumstantial and the Universe has greater laws. Man might understand eventually; science is new, very basic in the true expanse of things, and the smartest scientists know we know very very little of what is out there. All this ridiculousness leads to the need for a balanced ride through it all, that means making a balanced self.

A human being has many facets but they can be grouped pretty well. We have thoughts, our mind’s realm of ideas on tracks we run with belief or dismiss and are aware of. We have emotions that are fueled by the thoughts we believe in. We have a perception of the world we live in, of what is available. We have a sense of self, who we are and our own character; a collaboration of values, actions, and responses to experience then expectations of those to come. There is a social side of things in how we interact with our fellow humans and other beings; this means caring and being cared for. There is an actionary side of things where we set ourselves into motion or respond to motion about us. We have a spiritual side of things which flow between the rest as an ethereal sense of things more mysterious, greater than, and then often at times completely open to being ignored. This sense of all things are vibrations or perceptions that we pull towards ourselves, create in our mind’s eye. We keep ourselves spinning, we are our own universe made up of these factors. The truth humans don’t like to face is that we are completely malleable.

I cannot in one swift paragraph tell anyone how to properly manage all these things. What I can say is that they need to ring together otherwise one has cognitive dissonance, a malfunctioning of the self to the self that makes them improperly function in the world. We must have a balance of how we think, feel, believe, do, who and how we care. People get blocked by this many ways and the simple answer to all those ways is believing that a person can fix it. A person can create a flowing state of themselves, it is not hard and it will create a transition in many parts of their lives as some shit has to stop and others must start. It is possible, it is beautiful and it is a person’s destiny to flow as the self they most desire in their perfect world, feeling right and feeling good with the people they want to love. We are all destined for this and it is possible; ask for more until you can’t think of anything else to ask for.

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