“Do you see that girl?”
“That one… over there…”
Smiles on the outside, tears on the inside.
Subjects pain on the outside to numb the inside.
“You see that girl over there?”
“What’s wrong with her?”
“Why does she do that?”
“Why can’t she just be happy?”
“What is her problem?”
Shows up to therapy in her BMW,
just filled up with mommy’s credit card.
No one sees her pain, just the BMW keychain.
Money can’t buy happiness: she is (barely) living proof.
Maybe because we’re all moving so fast and her thoughts are racing even faster: slow it down.
Maybe because you can’t see tears in the rain: umbrella out.
Maybe it’s because we are all just broken pieces of glass trying to put each other back together but no one has any glue, just sharp edges: help me now.
“Do you see that girl over there?”
Wears her heart on her sleeve because she doesn’t like her shirt: change it.
Works two jobs so she doesn’t have time to think: erase it.
Do you see that girl over there?
Kind on the inside, hurt on the out.
And the world is spinning and it won’t stop raining and I’m going insane
in this crazy world
where no one can see me and I can’t breathe, you see,
I’m just so tired and unable to get hired but I got an education and live in this nation
they say anything is possible if you just believe or
maybe they meant if you have
Does anyone see me?
Is anybody out there?
I’m living inside out: focussing on what I look like more than what I talk like.
Focussing on what I wear more than what I care
Going to bed when I should be going to Rome.
Counting calories when I should be counting blessings.
Chasing people when I should be chasing dreams.
Waiting for…
no one.
I am waiting
for me.

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