I could feel you smelling my hair.

Did it smell different or familiar?

Your body felt different; we weren’t in sync anymore.

I was the spoon and you were the fork.

What did mine feel like?

Was it familiar or different?

Your arm rested heavy across my scars.

Did I feel heavier to you?

Your hand was different, as so is my body.

My breasts are bigger and my hips a bit thicker.

Your hand is unfamiliar.

I could hear you sleeping deep with comfort.

I was in a place I longed to be but I couldn’t sleep.

I lay there in all my truth and you in your untold lies.

My body is sacred; no longer your prize.

I kissed our baby’s head and I glanced at you and realized this isn’t our bed.

I must go and find my comfort, a better man instead.


~Tina Vivian


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