Little girls want to be pretty.

They want to wear mommy’s makeup, try on her shoes; they want to look just like her.

Little girls want to be smart.

They want to get A’s on their tests so they can go home and show mommy.

Little girls want to make you proud.

They want to score a goal (even if it is for the other team) and look over to the sideline and see you jumping up and down, cheering them on.

But sooner or later, little girls grow up.

They grow up to be everything you wanted them to be.

Or they don’t.

They get a career in the field they went to school for.

Or they don’t.

They grow up to marry a handsome young man.

Or they don’t.

They grow up to be exactly who THEY wanted to be…




Little girls grow up to be young ladies who can make their own decisions.

Little girls grow up to be capable individuals who can do anything.

Little girls grow up to be women who deserve respect.

Respect for their life choices, respect for their opinions, and respect for being themselves.

Little girls grow up to not like the brand of cheese you’ve been getting since they were little, to wear a shirt that you would never allow them to buy, to eat ice cream for dinner and pizza for breakfast and to not say thank you to every God damn person that holds the door open for them on Monday morning.

Little girls grow up, yes.

Little girls change, yes.

But little girls still need their moms.

Even though they aren’t wearing a jersey that is 2 sizes too big and makes them look like they’re not wearing shorts, they still need you to cheer them on.

Even though they’re not asking you what they should wear to school or the big dance, they still need you to tell them they’re beautiful.

Even though little girls grow up, they still need to be taken care of.

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