I recently purchased one of those “adult coloring books” knowing that I will probably only complete one picture.
I found some spare time and sat down at the kitchen table
with my new coloring book and these colored pencils that I found scattered in old art-boxes from when I was in elementary school.
I had collected the colored pencils from their various homes and added them to a ziplock plastic bag.

As I sat down at the table with only the coloring book and bag of pencils, I began to think…
(I know…shocking)
I didn’t want to take the pencils out because that’d make a mess.
It would make a mess and my mom would probably tell me that I was ruining the brand new cream-colored tablecloth and I would just reply with something sassy like, “well, why would anyone even get a cream-colored tablecloth for a table that people eat things on that could potentially turn this table cloth into a tye dyed rag?”
The ziplock bag was clear… so there was really no reason to take the pencils out.
I’d have to put them all back after…

But then I realized that I can’t live my life thinking that way.
I should see the colors for what they truly are,
not just what they are when they’re neatly packed away in a glossy sack.

I wouldn’t want someone keeping me in a glass case and just looking at me and making assumptions of me based off of how I look when I am propped up in such an irregularly unnatural state of “myself”…

So I took the pencils out…
and I colored with them.
I saw how they expressed sometimes a slightly different shade than that of which is covering their outer shell.
I would’ve never seen that if I had just left them in the bag…

What if we just stayed behind our glass cases,
like porcelain dolls…
what would ever come of us?

More importantly,
what would never come of us?

Start allowing other people to see you for who you really are.
Just because Barbie is in a box hiding behind pounds of makeup does not mean you have to do the same.


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