It’s finals week so naturally I am thinking of everything and anything that doesn’t have to do with what will be on the test.

Anything ranging from inventing scented tattoos in place of deodorant…
to “if I fail the final, what will my grade be?”

So right now, as I sit here with five other tabs open…
including,,,, and…
the phrase “coming out of the closet” popped into my head,
along with a bunch of metaphoric thoughts that you are about to read in

Why is it called, “coming out of the closet” when someone tells someone else that he or she is gay?

Well, I’ll tell ya what I think.

I think it’s called “coming out of the closet” because when you’re gay and no one knows,
it is like you are being suffocated by all of these different options of who you could be.

Do you want to wear the v-neck today?

Skinny jeans or boot cut?

Are the leggings you wore yesterday, clean? *smells crotch*

In other words…

Who are you seeing today?
And what will they think if you wear that new shirt you got from Forever 21 in the guys section?

What will your mom think if your jean shorts aren’t as short as your sisters…
if they’re actually on the longer side…

Maybe if you just wear leggings and a hoodie every day, no one will ask questions…

I mean… I think that’s the style now anyway…

“Pretend you don’t care what you look like, but make sure you look good doing it.”

What persona shall you wear today?

Well, you know what?

People will judge you no matter what outfit you wear.

I promise.

And in knowing that, you stick with routine,

you try to blend in…

you stay in the closet.

But being in the closet is just playing a game of hide and go seek with no one trying to find you other than yourself.

Maybe everyone knows where you are already, so they’re not bothering to look.
And maybe they don’t…
but you do.

There’s no shame in knowing and not telling anyone else…
It’s scary,
I get that.

But there IS shame in knowing and not telling YOURSELF…

Because once you find yourself alone in there, you’ll start to venture out.

And you’ll venture out wearing what YOU want to wear.

Being who YOU want to be.

The v-neck from the mens department at forever 21 looks GREAT on you.

The jean shorts that almost touch your knees look just fine!

You can wash your leggings, you can get rid of the clothes your mom makes you wear to family gatherings…

So, you can come out of the closet now…

It’s ok; I promise.

being you looks GREAT on you.

Congratulations on coming out of the closet…

welcome to the living room.


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