Kids having kids without understanding the true consequences of sex.

Expect the unexpected, like God whats next?

is this a lifetime full of misery or is this God’s test?

We’re trying so hard to understand things that just don’t make any sense

Because we’re fighting these confused and angry thoughts in our heads

following in the wrong footsteps and overlooking the shadows of death.

There’s so much pain in our hearts we try to forget

Smoking away our problems in this generation & the next.

Man, who would’ve guessed?

Built on promises and lies,

so we confess we’re emotionless inside

because feelings is something we just can’t express.

Taking deep breaths

placing one foot in front of the other like we’re taking baby steps.

Thinking about our self more & others less

Just replace the bad thoughts with the good ones instead.

Cause anything & everything we can think of is just in our heads.



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