I was going to send you a picture of myself, but I didn’t like how I looked…
so I didn’t.

I was going to text you… and tell you that I miss you.
But I don’t want to seem so desperate…
so I didn’t.

My friend told me that if I wanted to fit into my dress on Saturday, then I better not eat another piece of pizza…
so I didn’t.

Society told me not to eat anything the next day…
so I didn’t.

I was going to cut myself until I bled into a numbing ecstasy, but you told me not to…
so I didn’t.

We don’t always need to listen to the bad voices.

There’s this thing called the Semicolon Project and what it’s all about is the fact that writers have the ability and power to end their story whenever they want.

If they want a cliffhanger, so be it…
if they want to end it, so be it…

But what if they have more to say?
What if, their job isn’t done yet?

They use a semicolon.

My advice to you is to be the author of your own story.
Do not allow anyone else the privilege to write your story.

You hold that pen firm and confident and say what needs to be said.
Bring in characters that are going to bring you happiness and get rid of the ones that won’t.

An author thought of ending a sentence, but then thought of something brilliant…
So he didn’t.

I’ve thought of ending many a sentence, but then find hope and strength inside of me…

Why put a period when you have more to say?
Why cut yourself short?
Why not give yourself a chance to continue your story?
Why not use a semicolon?
I have more to say.

So I DO.

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