When I saw that today was National Suicide Awareness Day (September 10th), I wanted to make sure that I set a status that was meaningful & touched people: whether they were the ones with suicidal thoughts or the ones trying to help others who had them.

I want to thank the people who push even when someone says “I’m fine” . . . Or claims that “nothing is wrong”. I want to thank the people who are supportive and unconditional in regards to their love and kindness.

People who care, make a difference. People who listen & genuinely want to know how you are, make a difference . . . they save lives.

I want to also commend the people who have fought with the world and fought with themselves and made it through each & every day. Who said no to the dark voice in their head & yes to life.

Yes to another day.

Yes to another chance.

Trust me when I say that I understand how easy & glorious it seems to just walk out of the room when nothing in it appeals to you. I get how simple it appears to just go off-roading when it seems like you’ve been driving forever into nothing.

I get that.

But what if someone new walks into the room? What if in just another few miles, you stroll upon paradise? What if your chance to be the best “you” you can be is just around the corner, and you never allow yourself to succeed that chance?

Let’s all make an effort to encourage people to continue striving to live. To let them know that they’re not alone and that they’re loved and they matter.

You matter.

Jess Aronin

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  1. This post has just amazing insight! Thanks Jess.

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