I strongly recommend this.

Being in school has given me the ability to open my mind and make friends who aren’t from this country, English isn’t their first language, who come from different levels of economic status, who believe in different things than I do . . .  Ask people questions; get to know them.

The scariest thing is to be stagnant on a narrow path with the same old friends, doing the same old shit at the same old places and that’s how you get stuck. Don’t be what I call a “surface friend.” I have had so many pointless relationships and friendships that had no depth. So many people have a hard time talking about how they feel and the real shit that’s going on in their life or has happened.

You may have known someone for years but how much do you really know about them? And how do you change if you don’t open up?

Brittany Richards

2 Responses to “See The World”

  1. I agree, people do need to seek out other types of people to have an idea of how other’s live. Life isn’t all about you and where you come from, but getting to know the struggles other’s suffer might leave you wondering how blessed you are with your pain and suffering. It’s important to know a life outside of your own, learning from people who have had different life experiences.

  2. Caroline says:

    Seems like I have been open at times with people where I was blessed to have known them and also burnt by others. It takes guts to continue on with the idea of trusting people, but then who does not want to have courage and guts. With that being said you have to not let the bad stuff get to you too much. Have a good cry when your hurt, your human, but then think positive about the next character that comes along. Otherwise we will become stagnant on a narrow path like Brittney Richards say.

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