By Priya Gohel

Motivation, the power of choice, and understanding peace has become a mantra for Jack Mierop. A Cal State Fullerton professor, excelling in Human Communication, Mierop, has discovered a way to cherish communication by targeting a broader audience.

Several years ago, his students repeatedly mentioned how inspiring his teachings were and that he should consider advocating to others. “It had been kicking around my head, probably for ten years or so. Because my students have told me, ‘you are so inspirational, or you are so motivational,” he said.

This is how his second career began. Jack up Your Life, a seminar and lecture series, founded by Jack himself, provides personal growth seminars that lead one to find harmony.

“I want people to find peace,” he says.

His motivation comes directly from his students where he configures elements of life that need to be aggressively attended to, where effective communication plays a huge role. His seminars are constructed upon life experiences and his knowledge in the fields of communication, psychology, and philosophy. An experienced life coach, Jack provides inspiration inside his classroom and out to all age groups and ethnicities.

“We have infinite possibility and growth within us just waiting to be energized!” he says.

The curriculum he teaches is also built to broaden the views of life to his students, allowing each student to understand the perception of themselves, leading them to a higher level of confidence. The incorporation of his relaxed personality and witty demeanor, allows him to relate to his students on a conversational level, employing different elements of life into his lectures. This way of teaching triggers the understanding of life in a mature aspect.

A former freshman that had taken Jack’s Introduction to Human Communication class, kindly elaborates the chemistry Jack has with his students. “Lectures were always interacting and the class would always participate even when they did not want to. It was a matter of always making his students laugh and having us understand his class in a broader view and ways that can be and were applicable to our own lives. He became a really good friend to us and to what had become his family,” Deyanira Vitela said.

This unique professor sees the world having a million and one reasons to cherish life.

A current student, Johanna Moran, stopped by his office hours and marked a hearty smile on Jack’s face.

“You have seriously made an impact in my life,” she said.

As the conversation continued amongst several students in his office, an arbitrary thought came up. A crusted old map is hung upside down in his office and makes one wonder why it is.

“I want to look at the world differently,” Jack says.

Every common being sees the world structured in one way, whereas Jack sees it differently. He sees the invisible lines connecting from one location to another symbolizing relationships that can find peace by communicating effectively.  There’s always an answer to everything in Jack’s eyes. Helping his peers find refreshing freedom is his ultimatum.

Jeanine Congalton, a colleague from the department of Human Communication Studies and former grad advisor of the 90s, applauds the work and effort Jack provides to his students.

“I had the opportunity to evaluate Jack’s class 15 years ago and knew his class had an environment for conducive learning. I learned a bunch from observing his class, informally and formally,” she says.

A decade has gone by and Jack continues to respond to his supporters with motivational speeches. About three years ago, he decided to write a book, combining his life lessons and experiences to share with his listeners and soon readers. His book entitled Becoming . . . will be formally published and presented during this years Comm Week at Cal State Fullerton.


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