By Gina Sulme

FULLERTON, Calif. –Life coach and interpersonal communications professor Jack Mierop presented “Owning You: Becoming Accountable for Your Life Choices,” the only self-help seminar at Communications Week 2010, at California State University Fullerton on April 27.

“At first I was skeptical of going to a workshop like this since all the other workshops being presented were to further my career,” said Gabriel Mendoza, a senior at California State University, Fullerton. “I didn’t realize how I needed to find a way to further my relationship with myself, so I’m glad I saw Jack speak. It changed my life.”

Communications Week is a university-wide event that explores the impact communications has on daily life. The event is fully organized by communication students with the intent to discuss current communication issues and to bridge the gap between the academic and professional communities.

“Owning You” is one of Mierop’s five personal growth seminars that promotes ways to raise self-esteem, change thought patterns into positive pro-active thoughts, and teach how to take ownership of one’s own happiness.

“Everyone of you has an amazing gift within you, which needs to be celebrated,” said Mierop, during his seminar. “Once you do, you have more control of your life. We are all aware of our own weaknesses, but not our greatness. Wake up every morning and be aware of your own greatness instead of picking on yourself.”

Mierop’s recurring theme was the power of choice and the importance of taking ownership of all the choices one makes, which he says creates personal power. “Everything you do in life is a choice,” Mierop said. “Accountability is understanding everything you do is a choice. Even your feelings are a choice. Power lies in choice.”

Mierop created “Jack up Your Life,” a seminar and lecture series of different personal growth seminars that demonstrate the power of choice in every aspect of one’s life and relationships. Each presentation conveys the message of personal understanding and inner peace by giving tools to become aware of one’s choices and gifts.

“When you stop blaming others and you take ownership for your choices, you have the power,” Mierop said.

“The world changes, not so much the world, but you change and when that happens you allow magic to take place in your life. Things are able to fall into place; even pleasant surprises begin to happen.”

Mierop uses stories from his personal life, along with his research in the fields of communication, psychology and philosophy, in his down-to-earth conversational presentation style.

For more information on Mierop’s “Jack up Your Life” personal growth seminars, visit his website at Or for more information on Communications Week, visit



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