Jack Mierop Wins Praise for Presentation

“Living with Roommates” (without Killing Them)

In a program sponsored by the Office of Housing and Residence Life, HCOM Part-Time Instructor Jack Mierop made a presentation on Living with Your Roommates without Killing Them! on October 14 at 7:30 and the Residence Hall Multi-Purpose Room.

Speaking before a group of over 50 students, Mierop focused on methods of communicating effectively with roommates, and methods to deal with conflict. The presentation received extensive praise and Mierop stayed long after the nominal end of the presentation to speak with students and provide additional assistance in dealing with interpersonal crises in the residence hall environment.


The Speak Easy (November 2, 2009), The Newsletter of the Department of Human Communication Studies, Volume 4, Issue 5.

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